Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Daekyo Team Conquers Bolinao Pangasinan Day1!

Hello! I have been MIA for a while but I am definitely back! I am really happy that this 2013 I was able to accomplish something: TO TRAVEL! 

Traveling is something that I think is a luxury for me since I don't have a lot of time and money to go on trips every few months but I would give myself time during summer to enjoy the Sun, Surf, and the Sand! 

There will be parts that I will speak in beki language or in tagalog so just look at the pictures why I said those k? 

Let's start! 

Me and my team mates planned this for three months and each of us originally agreed to shell out 800 pesos but since there were some of out team mates that backed out at the last minute, we agreed to shell out 1k each. 

Medyo imbey ang first part I know pero wa care! matuloy sa matuloy dahil Pangasinan din to teh! 

We left Manila Friday night 11:30pm then we stopped over in Lakeshore gasoline station in Pampanga at around 2am to get some food in our systems and also stretch our legs since it will be another 4 hours of land travel. 

Manila to Pangasinan is around 6 to 8 hours of travel time so expect around 2 or 3 stop overs because the travel will take a toll on your legs and butt. 

Grabe ang pwet ko dun tinalo ang pinalo ng jinturon ni judas iscariot! haha! 

Around 7am we arrived at our first destination: Bolinao Falls. 

Bolinao Falls is highly recommended to visit since the water is really clear and also you can't help but take a dip in its cold waters. 

On the way to the falls, we were guided by this cute little kid named AJ. I will give you his details on the itinerary post if you want this cutie pie to be your guide. He is exceptionally trustworthy if you want to visit great places in Bolinao.

Thankfully Aj guided us to the falls because from the main road its around 30 - 45 minutes before you get to the falls. The road on the way to the falls is a little rough to get ready for a bumpy ride. There are also not a lot of good scenery so if you can take a nap during the bumpy ride, take the chance on that. 

When we arrived at the falls, you wouldn't really think that there is a falls in that area since its like a dead end. You would have to walk down a steep pathway to get to the falls which is around a 5 -10 minute trek from the parking area.

When we got to the falls I was really amazed that this place existed because its so beautiful!~

The water is super clear you would be able to see the floor! You do have to be careful since the rocks are quite slippery and some of my colleagues have slipped a few times. Thank God for Alaksan! haha! 

I didn't slip thankfully but it was quite a chore to get one part of the falls to the other. The water was exceptional since its cold but not ice cold. It was really refreshing to take a dip there. Take note from an eight hour drive to take a dip there is such a reward. 

Our next stop was the town market to buy our other essentials like meat and rice because we will be cooking our own food at the resort. I didn't take much photos there since I took a nap at the van. It actually took a toll on me from the falls to the marketplace so I had to get some shut eye. 

Pag ako antok wag nyo ako guguluhin dahil para akong si grumpy cat. Wit nyo akech subukan! LOL

Around 1PM we arrived at the resort. Originally the check in time was 2pm but since we came early and also we had reservations, they let us go to our dorm earlier. And yes the picture above is me trying to pose while I am in my post-woken up state. Groggy pa ako sa inet ng van! LOL

Instead of sleeping in the humid weather, I decided to check out the whole resort. I will share that to you girls next time since I don't want to take too much time with those things. 

I promise I will do a whole itinerary post next time, for now let's do the whole first person chorva~ LOL

I was really entertained with the mini zoo that they have because it has bird like the maina and this cutie parrot which I named Panget since this bird can only say Panget (ugly). I actually talked to it and I look really crazy but I don't care! I was on vacation LOL 

They also have an eagle but I feel bad for the little guy because its cage is too small for him to fly around. They also have a grumpy monkey that tried to snatch off my camera! Bad monkey! haha!

And that is the sunset that we were able to catch. I will post pictures on my Facebook Page if you want to see more pictures. 

There will be a part 2 and also a whole itinerary post if you want to do this too with your colleagues or your barkada!

Here's a sneak peek of  part 2! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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