Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Food Find: Yellow Cab Pizza's Pasta

Hello again!

One of the things I think I cannot live without is pasta. Ever since I was a kid I remember reaching out to eat the pasta dish during dinner. I like rice as much as any Pinoy likes it with everything but  there is just something with pasta in particular that makes me want to crave it a lot.

A couple of weeks again my brother was especially being nice to me that he dropped by my office and bought me a Yellow Cab Pasta! I haven't really tried their pasta choices but I heard that they are good.

I got their Spaghetti with meatballs while Kuya got a different kind. I don't what was up with my brother was especially nice to me that day... that makes me wonder up till now.

I am close to him but when he suddenly treats me something I know something is up.. but then again maybe he is just being extra generous that day. LOL. Paranoid lang? wahahar!

On to the Pasts!

One serving is around 150++ or much more but 1 order is good for 2 people so you can definitely share this with a friend.

Their pasta choice are great because they are yummy and the ingredients are indeed fresh. I remember that the sauce had real tomato bits that most restaurants don't do anymore.

Over all I like their pasta choices! I will try their other variants to see which one is more yummy ^_^

Till then!

Much love!

xx Alice 


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