Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cantonese Lunch at Pearl River Cafe

I grew up eating a lot of eastern cuisines from Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean and of course Cantonese cuisine. 

I remember my dad always bringing me to Chinatown just for us to eat some authentic ones. Its a bit of a travel because I live in Quezon City. But luckily there is a Cantonese restaurant just 30 minutes from my house!

Pearl River Cafe is situated at the Sky Garden of Trinoma mall.

 Its my first time eating Cantonese cuisine since my dad passed so this brought back memories. 

No tears Alice. No tears. 

They actually have a lot of Cantonese cuisine offered here. And if you are thinking of your wallet burning - not really something I would like you to worry about.

First off is congee with chicken and mushroom. Its a big bowl of congee with some strips of chicken and mushroom. 

It has a very mild taste that is great on a cold weather. This is sharable for about 2-5 people and only costs 199php. 

Next up is the sweet and sour pork belly. It has pork belly meat stir fried in a sweet sauce with bell peppers and some unripe mangoes. This is 279php. 

The taste is a bit sweet for me and oily for me but it was not overwhelming to the palette. I have a bit of a hard time with this because its not something that I usually go for but its good to be eaten with rice. 

 Next is the steamed fish in garlic. 

I actually hesitated it because it looked like raw fish with some sauce at the bottom and shredded toasted garlic on top. 

But when I tried it made me appreciate it. It has a very clean taste and its really tender. I liked the most is the sauce at the bottom of the plate because it complements the fish really well. This is 199php good for about 2-3 people. 

Next one is of course century egg! 

This is a great combination with the congee. This is one of my dad's favorites which I never really knew why before but when you get a taste of this it would make you think why. The taste is not something that you will have everyday but it adds something more to the congee. This is priced at 89pho.
We also had pan fried chives dumplings and deep fried spring rolls. The pan fried chives dumplings is I think the highlight of the experience because it tastes so good! 

The deep fried spring rolls on the other hand was good but not really up my alley. The pan fried chives dumplings are 99php and the deep fried spring rolls are 199php.

And to top off the meal we had some tea! To cleanse the palette and the guilt haha! 

I liked the tea pot that they have at Pearl River Cafe because it looked so good! The tea was also great that I kept reaching to get another cup. 

If you want to try some Cantonese cuisine and you don't want to burn your wallet make sure to check out Pearl River Cafe. They are located at the Trinoma Sky Garden. 

Thank you to Ms. Kathy Kenny of Mylifeiskulayful.com for the recommendation! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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