Thursday, August 28, 2014

Calling All Coffee Lovers! Catch the Philippine National Barista Championship This October!

Coffee. Some people they drink it to keep themselves awake, some would just drink one to keep sane from the work load, homework and cramming needed to be done before the deadline. 

But if you are like me, I treat coffee with lots of respect and not take it for granted - just like a barista. Because coffee is not just a drink - its a science and art to perfect it. 

I have mentioned that I have a lot of respects for baristas on one post because it is really an art and science in one to make one perfect cup of cappuccino or any kind of coffee drink to be honest! 

Just like that I am very pleased to share to you guys an upcoming event for all - the upcoming 2nd Philippine National Barista Championship (PNBC) this coming October 17 2014. 

I was really honored to be part of the bloggers that were invited to a simple get together to share what is the event all about and also a very educational talk about coffee of course at The Terrace in Maxim's hotel in Resort's World Manila.

Joining us were Allegro Beverage Corporation (ABC) President Mr. Leo de Leon and last year's champion Barista Mr. Kevin Fortu. 

As being the official organizer of this exciting event, it will be held at Resorts World Manila as its major event sponsor. The championship round will be held at the Newport Mall of Resorts World Manila on October 17, 2014. 

The goal of the event is to promote the excellence of the Philippine baristas which have a lot of potential in being world class baristas. 

There was also a demo given by Mr. Kevin Fortu on making the perfect espresso, Cappuccino and also Latte. In which Mr. Leo De Leon shared information about how each cup is made to its prime. 

I am really thankful to have learned a lot more about coffee. Big thanks to Ms. Kenny of and also Allegro Beverage Corporation for inviting me in this wonderful event! 

See you guys on October 17th! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 

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  1. I sure did enjoy and have learned a lot from that meeting. See you!