Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gardenia Plant Tour

You know when you were in elementary and you go on school field trips to museums or pencil factory? 

I remember that all too well because that usually happens when I was in elementary. 

Thankfully nowadays there are more options of doing a tour. And one of them is in a bakery although its a very big bakery. 

With more than 2.5 million visitors in the last 10 years majority are students from different schools. 

One of the things that are so cool is Gardenia's plant tour is one of the top educational tours in the country because it is open to the public to visit. 

The tour basically showcases its state-of-the-art world class bread manufacturing facility that is ISO and HACCP certified. The tour also shows assurance the consumer of quality products in its well sanitized environment.

The ground floor of Gardenia's plant showcases its roots and also its many achievements as they show all the awards they have gotten through the years. 

Did you know that each day Gardenia produces about 650, 000 loaves of bread and snack items that are made in a fully automated facility - untouched by human hands. 

Some of the products made at the Gardenia Binan plant is the classic Gardenia bread loaf which is also their best seller. 

And also my favorite black forest loaf! 

The tour consist of an audio visual presentation of how Gardenia started and also the process they use in how to make a great bread and also how clean their facility is. 

The cool thing about the tour is you get to see an bird's eye perspective on how the whole operations works for yourself! They have a catwalk that also has an audio visual presentation while you look below in the production area. 

Unfortunately it is strictly not allowed to have your phones or cameras in this part of the tour. But of course bad girl ako and my friend right here we just gotta take some teaser photos for you guys!

The coolest part of the tour? You get a closer view of the cooling bread tunnel before the breads get packed and shipped off! Its like a surreal experience to see newly baked bread cooling down before your eyes with this thing just meters away from you. 

Another cool thing about the tour is when we were served bread treats made with Gardenia products!

I was amazed on how many treats you can make with just bread! a total plus is how easy they are. There were tuna maki rolls made with gardenia bread. There was even a no bake caked made from Gardenia bread! 

I was not only educated but stuffed after our tour of the Gardenia plant tour!

I get to learn new stuff and also try new treats from Gardenia! 

If you want to experience the tour don't worry because they are open Sundays to Friday 7am to 4pm. Just make sure to book your tour at Gardenia's website and download a booking form at www.gardenia.com.ph or call (02) 845 0971 and (049) 539 1136 to 40.

You can also try to make the bread treats yourself by visiting www.gardenia.com.ph and go to their bread treats section or watch it on youtube! 

I will be trying out the bread treats soon so wish me luck! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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