Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Coffee and Alcohol at Tipsy Bean

I love coffee. Need I say more? 

 I was actually surprised with the thought that coffee can be added into a meal and with alcohol. 

I sound so noob saying it but its true! One fact in that is this quaint restaurant I visited recently. 

Tipsy beans is a restaurant and a coffee shop rolled into one. They serve a variety of foods from rice meals to pastas and also some drinks that are good for a sober up or to get tipsy. Sounds interesting eh? I'll tell you more about it here. 

Tipsy beans has a monochromatic and minimalist feel to it unlike other restaurant and coffee shops alike. 

I like their wall fixtures because its simple yet eye catching. Can you guess which one is my favorite? 

Actually all of them are my favorite! haha! 

Here are some of the treats that I tried. 

First up is a sober drink called Kopi Luwak. 

From the name itself you guessed it! Its from another south east asian country. This kind of drink is basically alamid or coffee that was produced by fermenting the coffee beans through an indigenous animal here in the Philippines which is the musang. 

Noted for its one of a kind flavor I think I know why it is considered quite expensive in some restaurants and coffee shops. 

Best served with Kopi Luwak is the Delectable Sisig Triangles. This is a savory and meaty sandwich that is very filling to the stomach if you just want to have a light yet fulfilling brunch on a Sunday morning. 

Next in the list is the Good Ol Chicken Pesto. 

Compared to the sisig triangles this has a very mild and clean taste to it that I can't help but look for another bite of this! 

Next is a Tipsy drink called Vootbeer. If you are asking why they called this a tipsy  drink is mainly because this drink is mixed with an alcoholic beverage. Vootbeer is made like a rootbeer float with an added bonus - it has vodka in it! 

Best served with vootbeer is their Spicy Tuna pesto. Another Pesto based creation but with a spicy kick. Its not overly spicy but a good pair with the vootbeer because it neutralized the kick of vodka from the drink. 

Next in the pasta selection is the Drunken Hungarian sausage. This have a very creamy sauce that is too good to be true. With some slices of Hungarian this is really nice to eat with your friends.

Next up in the sober drink selection is the Frozen hot chocolate. This drink is not overly sweet so its great for both kids and the young at heart. 

A great combination with this is the all time favorite adobo which has a very different plating because the sauce is served in a small dish and the meat is topped with some dressing. 

Its a good twist to the regular type of adobos that we eat daily. 

Then we had the beer battered fillet which has of course beer in it. I didn't really tasted the beer in the dish but it has a very chewy and soft texture that can be good if you want to chew really well on your food. 

We still have some more treats but we are near the end. Next is another tipsy drink which is Irish Cream on coffee rocks. 

The special thing about this drink is the longer you make the coffee cubes melt the better the taste of the drink is. And also this is a signature Tipsy Beans drink that is great for a hot day or if you are feeling stressed and you want to feel good. 

You can pair the Irish cream on coffee rocks with their sides of Potato nuggets and potato wedges with cheese and garlic dip. 

If you are wondering about the prizes they are relatively affordable which 200php can suffice the hungry person with a meal and also a tipsy drink. 

I would really recommend this because number one they are the first of its kind to mix a coffee shop with a restaurant that serves food and drinks that has some coffee and alcohol in it. 

Tipsy Bean is open Mondays to Sundays 10am to 12mn. They are located at California Garden Square in Mandaluyong. 

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Much Love! 



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