Sunday, August 17, 2014

Loose Leaf Milk Tea Experience

If you are in the San Juan area make sure to check this milk tea place out! 

Just behind Dominican college is a quaint milk tea shop called Loose leaf Milk tea,. 

At first you may think its just any other milk tea places in the metro but the cool thing abut this milk tea place is it has a great selection of drinks that fits your liking and also great to chill with your friends after school. 

One of the things that is so col about this is their Holes in the wall. If you a message for a friend or you just want to meet a new friend. Drop a message in one of the holes and see what happens next. 

They also have a shout out wall where you could post invites, shout outs to your friends and show your creativity in. 

One of their best sellers is their Wintermelon tea which is sweet and creamy added with pearls! 

And besides from milk tea they also offer fruit teas, blended coffee and smoothies as low as 59 pesos.

You can also pick out toppings or sinkers in your drink and select your sugar level to mix things up. 

If you don't want drinks and you are hungry you can order from their variety of foods offered from Japanese, Filipino, sandwiches and to-go meals. 

And did I say they have an area where you can chill? 

Okay I'll share to you guys some of my recommendations. First off is their Chicken and chips with some fries. 

This is actually a big serving that is fit for a barkada! 

The chips are topped with ground beef, veggies and cheese. 

Another one of their best seller is their tuna pesto! 

Most tuna pesto are a bit oily but Looseleaf's tuna pesto is on the dry side which is great to eat without feeling guilty. 

Next up is of course their Best seller - Wintermelon Milk tea! 

It has a sweet yet not overwhelming taste to it. 

Next up is Looseleaf's Thai milk tea. Compared to other thai milk tea this is on the sweeter side since thai milk tea isn't that sweet. But I still like this after eating because it lessens umay

There are a lot of choices at Loose leaf fit for anyone so make sure to drop by Looseleaf milk tea. 

You can visit looseleaf at 39-A Bonifacio St. Cor. Don Ejercito (Back of Dominican College) San Juan Del Monte. 

Like them on their Facebook page to check out more. 

Much Love! 



  1. Looks interesting enough though I am wary because I have tried over 60+ milk tea places and I'm thinking, what is something new they can offer? :)

  2. I love wintermelon tea :) so far its the only milk tea variant I like so i'm looking forward to tasting their version of it. Nice that they have grubs too!

  3. Thanks for introducing this milk tea, Alice! I have tried its Yakult Passion fruit tea and it was so good! I want to go back :)