Sunday, July 20, 2014

Food To Eat at Vigan part 1

Having a gastronomic experience in a new place is something I could say that would sum up my whole trip in Vigan. 

I will be cutting up this post in two parts - mainly because there were too many food porn that I don't want you to drown and blame me for it! hahahahaha! 

But seriously I ate TONS of food that I think I need another year to lose ayall the food I ate for 2 days. 

For today's post, it would be all about Metro Vigan Cafe's offerings. 

Metro Vigan Cafe is a new installment of the Metro Vigan Inn. 

Situated at the ground floor of Metro Vigan Inn so it can cater to its customers and also those that are staying in Metro Vigan Inn. 

The whole cafe has a very simple and quaint feel to it. It has a Spanish-Filipino touch to it. Kinda feels like home if you ask me.

Okay let's get to the food shots. 

First off is the Bagnet burger. 

I've never had bagnet in my entire life and look what they first served me BAGNET! it was really funny because I was so amazed because its a small burger - more of like a slider but once I've had a bit to it it was like the heavens opened up and swallowed me whole.


The burger was really tiny but kicks you in the face with the flavors. Its crunchy and chewy and has a very juicy side to it. It is incomparable to those that I've eaten. If you are a small eater one is enough. If you are a big eater like is also enough for you. 

Next is the Spring roll longaniza.

It is pork sausage rolled into a lumpia wrapper. Just as it is. The taste is very much like the longaniza but the vinegar dip gives it a tangy twist to it.  

Poki Poki

A dish for the veggie lover

It has raw onions, tomatoes, mangoes and .....wait for it... eggplant! Best accompanied by fish sauce. 

And if you don't like vegetables you will actually like this. It has a smokey and a meaty taste to it. 

Kare Kareng bagnet. 

What happens when you fuse a delectable dish with another well known Filipino dish? 

Mind blown. 

That is what I can say about Kare Kareng Bagnet. It actually tasted so much better than the traditional kare kare because the sauce is quite thick that even without the fish paste it is great to eat. 

Next up is Crispy Bagnet. 

Its a crispier version of Bagnet. 

And quite honestly this is best partnered with beer on a chilly night with your buddies. 

I am talking you into doing it right? right? 

I'm not sure though if Metro Vigan Cafe serves beer but if not this is still best to pair with rice. 

And what's the whole experience of trying other foods made with Bagnet if not having the real thing?

One cool thing about Metro Vigan Cafe is their Bagnet is made in the restaurant and you can order one for take out when you go back to Manila! 
 But make sure to pre-order at least two days prior to getting it just to make sure.

Okay I won't make you hate me more with food shots anymore. Let's reserve that for the next post ok? 

This post took me a lot more time in choosing what to feature because there were a lot of food that you can eat at Metro Vigan Cafe that if I feature them all it would make you want to go there to experience it yourself

On second thought... hmmm.. but still I really recommend you guys check out Metro Vigan Inn and Metro Vigan Cafe on Facebook to see the prices and rates. 

See you on my next post about Vigan. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


  1. Oh yes, the bagnet burger you were telling me about! Ah, this is heaven!

  2. can't wait to go to Vigan and try all of these! Yum!