Thursday, August 21, 2014

Livestock Food Review

If you are in the QC area and you are looking for a place to hang out and have dinner or lunch with your friends who are meat lovers this is a place you can try out for sure. 

Livestock is one of the up and coming restaurants in Quezon City. 

Situated in Sgt. Esguerra which is in between two major television networks here in the Philippines there might me some star sightings here for sure. But besides from the star sightings Livestock boasts of their all meat entrees that are too good to be eaten solo so make sure to bring your friends and family here. 

The ambiance of the restaurant is modern with a rustic feel to it. Its a semi casual setting which means that you can dine here for business or grab a cold bucket of beer with your friends. 

Okay I know you are itching to know what are my recommendations so here goes., 

For starters, I would recommend Spiced Pork Tail. It is like the chicharon but that is made of pig intestine deep fried in oil to be crunchy while this one is the pigs tail so it has some bones but you can bite through it. 

Next one is Adobo Quezo Pizza. 

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! that was the only thing running through my heaisd when I saw this. It looks like an Italian pizza but with Filipino flavor. 

It has some arugula and olives which gives its a clean taste. I like the cheese that they use because this is I think the second time I tasted blue cheese. 

Next up is the Laksa or the Seafood soup. 

This is the only seafood entree in their menu so I would suggest you try it! 

It has a very clean and creamy taste to it but has a kick of spiciness. 

Okay here is one of their best sellers - Livestock Crackling Pork Belly. 

This is the before shot. And yes they will chop this beauty at your table. 

This is the after shot. 

It still looks delicious right? If you are asking if it has a greasy taste actually there is none. The meat is really tender and also the skin is really nice to bite into because of the crackling sound. 

Another best seller is the melts in your mouth crispy pata.

The Popsicle stick on top isn't a utensil but a tool to cut the whole thing - and I am not joking with that. It has a very crunchy skin but the inside is really juicy and tender that I want to challenge my mom to make it this way. 

And for dessert, we had Bacon Ice Cream Sandwich

And yes I will state this : EVERYTHING is great with bacon. 

It has a sweet taste that is not overwhelming to the palette that kids will enjoy. 

They also serve a complimentary Ginger Tea to cleanse the palette and the soul for the guilt haha! 

Overall I would say that the things that are a must try are the crackling pork belly and the melts in your mouth crispy pata because they have a contrasting texture from what it is outside to the inside. 

If you are thinking of dropping by they are located at Sgt. Esguerra St. Cor Eugenio Lopez Dr Quezon City. 

Make sure to follow them on their SNS Livestock_Ph for other updates. 

And also follow me on IG @alicemate for other foodie updates. 

Now I have to go and plan the next adventure! 

Much Love! 



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