Monday, August 18, 2014

High school memories revisited at Kamuning Bakery

Initially a family owned bakery Kamuning bakery has been bringing delicious breads for about seven decades. 

I have fond memories of Kamuning bakery in relation to their breads since I lived out my high school years with Kamuning bakery in almost every scenario that happened when I was in high school. 

One of my fondest memories is whenever I wait for my dad after school to pick me up from school. Usually I would buy some chocolate drink or soda and some bread. And when Papa came to pick me up he would buy me Pansit Palabok from the bakery's restaurant section back then.


Mr. Wilson Lee is now the current owner of the bakery in which he had acquired over the last year when the family that owned the bakery decided to sell it. 

But Mr. Lee, having a love with Kamuning Bakery's bread decided not to keep all of the shares and made the original owners share holders of the bakery to keep the lineage. 

Since 1939, Kamuning bakery has been flocked all over by celebrities and even known personalities in all industries stop by and buy some bread.

Their best seller is their pan de sal which is baked using a pugon which not a lot of bakeries do anymore. 

It has a very soft and chewy texture that you just can't get enough in getting one more.  

Another best seller of Kamuning bakery is their Pan de Suelo which is a bread that may look hard but actually is really soft and chewy. 

And also one particular feature of this bread is that it looks like an angry little man or a close fist. 

It comes in two sizes - Small and Jumbo. If you are eating with a big group I can suggest get the jumbo and just slice it in small sizes. 

One cool thing that I experienced at Kamuning Bakery? I got to tour their facility! I was able to see the pugon they use which was jaw dropping because according to Mr. Wilson the staff actually start baking at 3am but the pugon was still quite warm. 

I would recommend Kamuning Bakery to try their breads. It tastes really nice and makes me remind of some fond memories. 

Of course besides from those Kamuning bakery also serves pastries like their Blueberry cheese cake. 

Make sure to visit Kamuning Bakery!
They are located at  Judge Damien Jimenez cor. K-1st St., Kamuning, Quezon City

Much Love! 



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