Thursday, August 28, 2014

Food Finds: Childhood Memories and Instant Yan Yan

Why hello there! So nice for you to be back! 

Have you ever wondered what you can buy for 100 pesos and still be full? I have. Usually after work I eat out and be like

What fast food joint or fish ball stand should I eat out today? 

First of all eating fast food or street food on a daily basis is not a healthy option I know that is why usually I eat out when I am near my house because there are a lot more choices here for some reason. 

And one particular place I go to is Mercury Drug - I tend to buy food there since they have a mini grocery. 

And also in my food finds I tend to stray away from the chips and chocolate..well mostly chips because they contain MSG or mono sodium glutamate that retains water in the body thus making us bloated a couple of hours after we eat. Yeah keep eating that instant ramen if you want a bloated face the next day - kidding! 

And also I only give myself 100 pesos allowance to eat. Because I know that even with a 50 peso meal you won't feel full so make it a hundred. 

Here are the items I got. 

I got:

Fortune's Bread sticks for 22 pesos
Yakult Probiotic drink for 40 pesos
Finetti Hazelnut with cocoa spread for 35.75 pesos

The total? 97.75 php! 

I still have 2. 25php change! What a steal right? If you want a receipt check it below. 

I think sufficing the hunger in us doesn't have to cost us being unhealthy. So why don't you share your 100peso food find with me on Instagram!

I will do more of these in the future because of course who doesn't want a steal with food but still keep it healthy? If you are one of those people who don't then..shame on you! haha! kidding!

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Much Love!

xx Alice 


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