Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Zomato Foodie Meet up at Taco Bell!


When you are a foodie you don't seek new food as simply eating out to suffice the hunger in the deep bowels of your digestive system but you are out for the experience. 

I would consider myself that because trying out new restaurants is fun and also exciting because you are one of the firsts to know if the place is good or not - in your opinion that is. 

With that being said,  I think being a foodie and sharing it is a great way to also meet similar foodies! There are a lot of closet foodies out there so having a similar place to exchange your thoughts is awesome. 

Just like Zomato! 

Last week, I was really honored to be invited to Zomato's Foodie Meet up at Taco Bell in Gateway Mall in Cubao. 

A Foodie meet up is basically meeting up with other foodies and trying out new food from that restaurant. We were able to sample a lot of crunchiness at Taco Bell that night so prepare yourself okay?

We were offered some of their crunchy specialties like the Taco Supreme, Crunchywrap Supreme and other really sumptuous feast for both the eyes and the palette. 

I will do a separate post on the food that we ate at Taco Bell because I just want to keep you guys hanging haha! 

But if you are interested in being a foodie I would suggest getting an account at Zomato. Its easy and also you get to meet a lot of other foodies out there that you can read on their adventures thru their reviews of certain restaurants. 

The other cool thing about Zomato is they give you the full details like the menu, its branches and also the prices of the food! 

It has over 10k of restaurants in is database from Fine Dining to Casual dining to fusion cuisine restaurants. 

I just made my account at Zomato but make sure to follow me there because I will be posting a lot for sure besides from posting here in my blog. 

Much Love and See you there! 



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