Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Filipino and Western Cuisines Minus The Burning Wallet Experience At Plana's Pantry

Whenever I go eat out with my friends there is one thing that burns within me: My wallet. 

I am a cheapskate and I am proud to say it. But whenever it comes to food I don't really care burning some cash in eating great food. If you agree with me raise your hand! 

But of course eating out a lot would seriously burn your wallet so here's one place I can recommend that serves great Filipino and Western food minus the wallet disintegrating: Plana's Pantry. 

The whole restaurant interior can be described in three words: Refreshing, Cute, and Homey. 

It really is. 

The interior actually reminds me of a similar restaurant but Plana's has a more cozy feel to it that wouldn't hurt your manliness if you will be dining here with your boy friend or boyfriend. 

I really like the framed one liners because they are witty and funny which really brightens the whole ambiance of the restaurant. 

Of course since this is a food review here are some of my recommendations. 

Let's begin! 

For starters we have the battered fish with frizzy fries. For 150php you are served with 6 pcs of crispy fish with some golden fried fries. Unfortunately the fish in the picture were taken out immediately because they were good! 

Next is the mushroom salpicao. For 150php you can munch on some button mushrooms that were sauteed in golden fried garlic. It has a light garlic taste but not overwhelming to the palette when you are starting your meal with your friends. 

For refreshments you can try on their freshly squeezed dalandan juice with honey for only 75php. Its sweet and tangy and it is inside this cute mason mug! 

For my main entree I ordered the Meltique steak. Just from the name itself makes me wonder how its made. Thankfully Ms. Rachelle of Plana's explained to me that the reason why it has its name due to a larding technique in cooking the steak that gave it a marbling effect. For 350php this is really something I would say I would recommend because its good for sharing with a friend due to the portion! 

We were also served Plana's Sisig which is an epic sisig with a side serving of Bicol Laing for that kick of spiciness. For 230php this is a great dinner if you want something crunchy and spicy. And did I mention that this has the same crunchiness of the sisig bagnet when I went to Vigan? 

The feels! haha! 

For dessert I would recommend the chocolate rumble ice cream.Its a home made ice cream and its very rich and creamy and this is made by the owners at their home and delivered to the restaurant. It can be ordered for single serving of 60php and 120php for double serving. 

If that is not your cup of tea then have the real thing! 

They also serve tea at Plana's. For 60php you get a pot of tea from their choices of Twinnings Green tea or lemon ginger tea or you can get mangosteen or guyabano tea. I was able to try the mangosteen tea which tastes good but I would just prefer my Earl Grey tea please. And also the tea pot is so cute it reminded me of Mrs. Pots from Beauty and the Beast! 

If you want to eat good food without burning the wallet make sure to try Plana's Pantry. They are located at 50 Domingo M. Guevara St. Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City. 

Much Love! 



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