Monday, November 17, 2014

Must Love Desserts at Love Desserts!

I love sweets. 

Compared to my two brothers, I have a sweet tooth than they are that when they give me gifts it usually involves chocolates - if its my birthday it is A MUST that either one gives me chocolates no matter if it is locally made or from abroad just as long as it is chocolate I am okay with it. 

Speaking of chocolates, I am in love with one shop that serves all the sweets I could imagine - Love Desserts!

Located at Banawe in Quezon City, this quaint little place is the first to conceptualize this kind of buffet. 

The whole place is simple and doesn't have the shebang but one of the things I like about Love Desserts is that their variety of sweets are all home made and also it is different everyday so their customers would be surprised. 

One of the things I tried is their chocolate cake and also their blueberry peach crepe. 

They have individual stations for pastries, crepes and even a halo halo station! 

Their staff is super courteous and really attentive to their customers. I actually tried to ask them lots of questions even if they are busy and they still answered me without being annoyed. 

I am like that actually sometimes so they passed! 

Besides from the desserts they offer, Love Desserts also offer an array of entrees that can be ordered separately if you are not in the mood for sweets. 

One of the coolest thing I like in the store is how simple yet eye catching their interior is. 

This is a perfect place to hang out with your friends and just munch away. Although usually customers are only allowed to stay for about 2 hours but I think most people won't be able to stay long because of the sugar coma. 

If you would ask if I will go back? OF COURSE! 

I am planning to go back son to Love Desserts and try more of their sweet treats. 

Have you gone to Love Desserts? What is your favorite dessert?

Comment below! 

xx Alice 


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