Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chicken Deli's Meet and Greet with Alodia

Hi Everyone! 

Last Saturday I was really glad I was able to meet Alodia Gosengfiao since I won their twitter contest last Friday night. 

I was also able to try Chicken Deli's delicacy which are mostly Filipino food like Chicken Bacolod and their turon. 

It was actually Alodia's birthday so I was a bit happy that I was able to greet her on her birthday. I wasn't able to ask her any questions though which as a little bad :( but its okay since I'm pretty sure I'll be able to meet her next time. 

I was also able to meet other cosplayers, bloggers and eat some great food from Chicken Deli. 

With Sumi Go ^_^

I'll try to blog next time about their other specialties since I wasn't able to eat most of the time at the event, I was a bit fascinated though with the cosplayers that's why I wasn't able to eat haha! 

But thanks Chicken Deli! I will surely comeback to try some more! 

Follow Chicken Deli on twitter @Chicken_Deli and also on Facebook! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 


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