Monday, September 23, 2013

Kit Kat Heaven!!!

Kit Kat is one of those treats that I rarely get exited for since the ones that I've tried when I was your was the regular variant. Nothing really special really - not until I was able to try out two new flavors of Kit Kat!

I tried out Passion fruit and the coveted Green Tea flavor.

These were actually sold to me by my co-worker since her sibling travels a lot. She retails these at about 370PHP per bag of 12 mini pieces. 

Each piece are individually wrapped and contains 2 wafers layered with the selected flavor then covered in the same icing. 

The passion fruit was more of a main stay in the Japanese market according to my cousin, since it has a 'normal' taste - her words not mine. 

So since it was my first time to try it, I was a bit curious with the taste of Kit Kat's passion fruit flavor. When I tasted it, all I could say was ...hmmm? yes.It wasn't a real word but more of an expression. 

The aroma was fruity with a hint of creaminess. The taste was somewhat confuses me since it has a creamy, kind-of citrus zing into it that makes you want to reach out for more. I was taken back with the taste of the passion fruit that I actually liked it the more I tasted it.

Now to the coveted Green tea kit kat. 

I didn't expect much with this because I basically grew up drinking green tea because my mom would get tons of green tea from her Japanese friends, which ends up being in my cup since she says its good for your health.

The moment I opened this piece I braised myself for an outpouring of childhood memories - of my mom running after me to drink my afternoon green tea. The thought of it makes me cringe.

I don't have anything against drinking Japanese green tea, its just that whenever I smell it, it just reminds me of like the smell of grass. I have drank gallons of Japanese green tea which quite honestly made me sick of drinking it, but I think eating it will be fine...right?

The aroma of this is very much like the once I've drank before, but somehow I don't feel tensed eating it. The aroma is not that overwhelming to the mouth which is great.

If you ask me between the two which one I like more?

I would go with Passion fruit. The taste is quite new and its something that you want to have over and over again while the green tea one is just something I was accustomed to thus making it more of like an afternoon delight.

Which one would you prefer?

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Much Love!



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