Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Food Finds: Pringles in Pizza

Hello there! 

I haven't been posting food-related posts here I hope you understand. But I will definitely go and try out some food soon so be prepared! haha! 

On today's food finds would be at least my most favorite chips of all time -Pringles! 

I remember as a kid that whenever me and my family go to Duty Free I would either get Frito Lay or Pringles. In terms of imported chips I admit to be quite picky since most of them are too salty for me. But Pringles and Lays are actually not that salty for me which make me love them more. I would talk about Pringles in their pizza flavor. 

Pringles has been around for a while so its not really big of a deal for some, but for me it is since its been a while since I've eaten one! I especially love their sour cream flavor Pringles which me and brother always argue how many each one get - well I get one since I am younger hehe~!

The chip actually didn't change despite the recession. I love that they still kept the same size and also amount of chips inside those tall canisters!

Taste wise, I could say that their Pizza flavor has more of a cheesy taste but still has that pizza zing. I was actually expecting more of a pepperoni pizza taste but maybe that is just wishful thinking.

The taste is still good and its not a let down.

But I think I would just stick to my favorite when I buy my next Pringles.

How about you? What's your favorite Pringles variant? 
Comment below :) 
Have a wonderful Tuesday ahead! 
Much Love!
xx Alice 


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