Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Plans and Ideas

Even though this blog is named Photoescape Travels I haven't really posted any traveling posts. I know really lame but this 2014 I promised myself that I will travel more rather than what I did last year. 

I have already made plans on my first travel for the year 2-0-1-4 and I am really excited for it!

Traveling is like a luxury for some but I plan to make mine more of a hobby. I will be planning really cheap and great travels that you and your friends could enjoy also I will try to post more hotel and accommodation reviews for sure since I remembered one of my most prominent post is when I reviewed the hotel I stayed at Bolinao a year ago. 

I tell you that my reviews will be brutally honest as much as I wouldn't like it but its for the betterment for it any way right? 

Here are some of the places I am hoping to visit real soon. 


I know its quite lame but I will do a complete low down on the walled city since 1. Its about an hour away from my place and 2. Its a tourist destination that even the Manilenos need to discover.

I know this is not in Baguio but the trees remind me of it! :D

Baguio is one of those places that I miss out on my list since I never really have anyone to go there with. But I told myself with or without a companion I will go there this 2014. I remembered having pictures of my brothers going there and whenever I would ask my mom why I am not included she would tell me nasa tyan palang kita nyan paano ka mapupunta dyan?

Oh the agony of having a mom like her. But as saying expect a post of the beautiful city of Pines real soon!


 One of the cheapest ways to travel and explore nature according to my buddies is to go here. I will be traveling here by the end of the month so expect a post soon!

Here are just of the places I will be mentioning here since I have ran out of options. If you do have any suggestions do leave them on the comments section below. I will be glad to list them down and let you know if this will be on my bucket list.

Till next time!

Much Love!

xx Alice


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