Thursday, October 16, 2014

Saving Your Bagnet Cravings with Bagneto

Remember my recent post about Vigan? 

One of the things I love most about Vigan is Bagnet. Bagnet is deep fried pork that has been prepared for a week! A week my friend! Its way of cooking is really different because they also sun dry the pork then after letting it get some sun it gets fried again thus having that very crunchy but still juicy tenderness inside. 

Thankfully, I don't have to go to Vigan every time I am craving for one because one joint has it in many different ways as well! And I present to you Bagneto! 

Bagneto is actually one of the stalls you can check out at Compound Z in Malingap st. in Quezon City. 

Its a quaint restaurant that serves different dishes that has bagnet in it. And one of the things I love about it? it would not make your wallet cry because their selection are below 200 pesos per person! And also the name of the restaurant takes after a very famous Marvel character. If you are a comic fan you would know for sure who I am talking about. 

Here are some of their selections. 


Binagoongan is Crispy pork with shrimp paste sauce. I don't usually eat Shrimp paste because..its a personal thing - but I would give exception to this.

The taste is just like the usual Pork Binagoongan but with a crunchy kick to it. Its not too salty which is great and the shrimp paste doesn't over power the meat. 

Next up is Bicol Express. 

Bicol express is actually a very popular Filipino cuisine that is made with long chilies, coconut milk, shrimp paste, onion, and garlic. 

This is actually one of my favorites because its creamy and spicy which are two things I really like. 

Next off is Kare Kare! 

The original Kare Kare is made from oxtail, pork hocks, calves, feet, pig feet, and beef but instead of those Bagnet is used as its meat source.  

The taste is just similar to the original and I actually like this one even if you don't pair it with the fish paste. The sauce is really nice and also it doesn't have that umay that one usually has when one eats too much of Kare Kare... or is it just me? 

I know there is too much meat already in this post but hang on. 

First to the last of our Bagnet treats is of course the original one. Its really good to eat on its original form and I think the meat portions in one serving is great to be shared if you are watching your cholesterol intake. 

And then lastly, we have the Bagnet sisig! 

I remember having a similar kind when I was in Vigan. This version though did make the cut but I was still looking for more. I think it lost its kick because the weather was kind of cold when we ate there so I suggest better eat this when its served so you still enjoy it. 

Overall I think its really a great place to try. You should really check out Bagneto and have a taste of different cuisines with a bagnet twist to it. 

Bagneto is located at 33A Malingap St., Teacher's Village, Diliman, Quezon City. You can also Like their Facebook page for more info! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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