Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Blizzard Flavors from Dairy Queen!

What's your favorite dessert? 

Is it sweet and tangy? sweet with a little salt? or something savory? 

For me it would definitely be something with chocolate. I love chocolate! any form of dessert that has a chocolate version of it will truly be one of my favorite...just like ice cream~! 

With that being said did you guys know Dairy Queen has just released a new flavor for their i blizzard? and its a FIRST actually for Dairy Queen as well! 

Last Wednesday they introduced Loacker as part of their latest flavors of blizzards. Loacker is an Italian made wafer treat that comes in different flavors but their most notable is chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. 

I love the texture of Dairy Queens ice cream base for the Loacker because it really makes the loacker stand out when you eat it. and also don't think that the loackers in the ice cream are like little pounded pieces, they are actually bite sized and the texture of the wafer didn't change at all. 

And also last Wednesday Dairy Queen launched their Valentine ice cream cakes which are the Oreo Blizzard ice cream and the kitkat strawberry ice cream cake. 

I was able too have a taste of both cakes and I would really recommend you guys buy this for your girlfriend especially if she loves oreos and kitkat because they taste so good! 

This is a perfect Valentines day gift not just for your girlfriend but to anyone!

And if you can't but the whole cake you can just buy a box of Dilly Bar and have a wonderful time at the park with your girlfriend or boyfriend. 

That's it for today's foodie post! Thank you so much to Dairy Queen for the experience of trying out their latest flavors it was really awesome and I would recommend you try them as well this February. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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