Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dinner out with my office mates!

Ola Chicas! I'm back in this part of my blog. 

I'm really sorry I haven't been updating since I haven't gone out and enjoy some good food in a while. 

So last Friday I went out with my friends to Metrowalk to eat dinner and also so celebrate 3 of my co-workers birthday! We had a very hearty dinner courtesy of Jay-J's Inasal ^_^

These are what we had for appetizers

These were amazing I tell you, even the breaded spinach taste so good. 

For our entree we had crispy sisig which is good for beer, but not with rice. I actually had a hard time eating this, I had to gulp down some iced tea to soothe my throat 

We also ordered crispy pata, unfortunately I wasn't able to taste this because it was at the farthest part of our uber long table. 

Can you see it? I can still remember how yummy Jay-J's Kare Kare is! Omg it just tastes soooo good! :D 


We also had some soup, as far as I can remember this is sinigang na bangus. very yummy too!

We actually ordered lots of food, I just wasn't able to eat them all. I actually got used in only 1 serving of rice due to my diet. haha! 

We also have cake courtesy of Goldilocks! Love this one! 

Here are other pictures of what happened that night! Enjoy! 

Jay-J's Inasal is located at Metrowalk. You can also visit their Meralco Avenue branch only 10 minutes from Metrowalk Ortigas. 

Much Love! 



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