Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cheap Thrills for 50 pesos

Being a curious person I always find unique ways to save money and have fun at the same time. 

While I was in college, my usual budget for the day is actually believe it or not is 50 pesos. And up until now I still can live with that amount of money in my pocket. 

And believe me I am still able to save up some money from that. Its all a matter of self control and discipline. 

Here are some things you can do with your 50 pesos.

1. Buy 30 pesos worth of Pan De Sal and a Big bottle of RC cola. Basically the big bottle costs around 17 - 20 pesos, you'll be lucky if it only 17 pesos because you still have 3 pesos to spare. 

2. 2 and a half hours of internet time in the computer shop. Some computer rentals actually offer more 15 pesos per hour charges. You can play some online games and check your email at the same time. 

3. Buy yourself 2 ice cream cones from Selecta. 1 cone is 25 pesos. 

4. Load! of course Philippines has a lot of prepaid loading station so at least get yourself one. 

5. with 20 pesos you can enjoy a relaxing massage in the mall. There are those massage chairs in the mall. 

6. Get a hair cut. Some salons and barbershops offer 50 pesos haircuts, but don't expect a world-renowned expert to do it okay? 

7. If you like street food you can get 20 fishballs for 10 pesos (.50 cents each),  6 kikiam for 15 pesos (2.50 pesos each), 6 squidballs for 15 pesos (2.50 pesos each) and a large cup of samalamig. 

8. 5 packs of crispy chicken skin. Yes I know this is full of cholesterol and stuff, its not like you are going to eat this all by yourself, get real! This is best to share with your friends over a bucket of beer and also with a dip of vinegar with chili. 

9. An order of Angel's Cheese burger with drinks. This roughly costs around 45 pesos, you still have some spare cash after this. 

and last but not the least.... 

10. Enjoy a salad D'Lite from KFC for 49 pesos! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 


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