Saturday, July 2, 2011

Where was I yesterday? -- Urbanears blogger event at Eastwood Mall

Ola! happy Saturday for all! 

Yesterday was a very very very fine day because I didn't have to go to work! Yes! haha! 

But above that I was invited on an event by Urbanears at Digital Walker Cafe in Eastwood Mall.  


I was excited yet scared at the same time because it was the first event I went to from the Pinoy Bloggers group in Facebook. 


So lets talk about the event itself. Basically its an intimate event to introduce the brand Urbanears. 
Urbanears is a company that solely makes headsets and headphones. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden. I actually haven't heard from them and I don't really have a lot of expectations about the product since there are a lot of headphones available in the market. 

One thing that struck me during the presentation was what is the company's vission and mission. Its vision is to make headsets that fit your everday life. It also adds a little bit of "color" to the concept of sound. These headphones come in 4 designs:  BAGIS, MEDIS, TANTO and PLANTA.

I'll make another post solely about this four designs and urbanears, for now I will be talking about the experience and the food. What's the sense of me making this a food and travel blog without those? haha!

And also I promise I'll be making a proper review about this in  2 weeks so I won't spill any info. Lets talk about the event for now.

John, Mommy Lariza, Zhyeme, and Mitch

A lot of other bloggers were there like John (of Kumagcow), Vance (of angtakawko), Mitch (of glamourmoments) and among others. I was also finally able to meet Riza (of Manilenamom and rizawritten

We also enjoyed great food from Digital walker cafe. We had corn soup, Egg and Japanese Gravy Hamburger steak and juice. I think I had Pomegranate juice. 

The food was awesome. One serving of their Egg and Japanese Gravy Hamburger is actually good for two. Sira ang diet ko! LOL

The Japanese Gravy sauce was quite salty but good. The Corn soup was phenomenal if I may say because its creamy and filling. I actually had to let my entree wait for like 20 minutes before I ate it haha! 

So regarding the food, they are great in taste and also great in price. As I said earlier the entree that was served was actually 245 per serving, its actually great for 2 people ^_^
I really had a great time meeting great people from Pinoy Bloggers. I would specially thank Sir Carlo Ople for inviting me to the event till the next event! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


  1. Wow, there's a Digital Walker cafe? Only in Eastwood?

    Glich's Life

  2. I'm not sure if their other branches have a cafe. I know only 2 branches eh.. hehe ^_^ thanks for dropping by Glenn!