Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Biiiiiiigggggg Pizzzaaaa!!!! :))

We just had a pizza party here at the office. 

36 inches of hawaiian and all meat. Isn't it just so tempting? Haha! 

Another sira diet moment for Alice LOL 

I only had 2 slices. So that means I would have to walk for like 2 hours in the treadmill, do 50 crunches, 30 mins of running and will have to cut back on rice again. haha! way to torture myself right? 

But I have been dieting diligently but I think I need to pump up my exercise more. 

I'm planning on buying hip hop abs this weekend. 

And why did I end up talking about my plans again? LOL 

I'm thinking of asking my brother if we can buy this for this Sunday's celebration. Maybe yes maybe no. Not really sure if he'd say yes but I will try to persuade my snitch of a brother LOL

for 1288 pesos you get a 36 inches pizza. One downside though is you have to wait for like 45 mins to an hour. but the wait won't put you in vain, the taste is just explainable. 

The crust is not like those of Shakey's, Pizza Hut or other pizza joint. 

This is a perfect barkada food if you ask me. 

We bought this from Big Guy's Pizza. Check out their Facebook page here.

They have two locations in Ortigas.
1. Ortigas: G/F Madison Square Ortigas, Madison St. Cor. Ortigas Avenue (Near Xavier).
2. Libis: G/F Madsion Square Libis, E. Rodriguez Jr. (Across Shopwise)

Much Love! 

-- Alice 


  1. Hi there! Thanks for the info and what a HUGE pizza! You are right, this will be perfect for a barkada get together. An eat all you can pizza til you drop sort of thing! - Mar

  2. thank you for dropping by Mar! :)