Thursday, June 30, 2011

CIty Feature: Quezon City


I'm back with a simple post about the city where I grew up. Its Quezon City! 

I'm really proud to grow up here because its I think one of the most friendliest cities in the Philippines if you ask me. 

I will be all encyclopedia-like in a while so let go crazy for a few seconds in 




okay lets start! 

Quezon City has a total of 142 barangays or neigborhoods. In total there are a total of 14 subdivisions of the city. It has a total land area of 166.20 kilometers squared or 64.2 square miles. 

Population wise, since 2007 there is a total of 2,679,450 people in Quezon City. Quezon City is also the top city with the most population. 

Living situation is a metropolis suburban. Quezon city is also home to the Philippine's top broadcasting networks like ABS-CBN and GMA to name a few. 

Living in Quezon City is like the best of both worlds since we have a lot of area to explore for leisure or for business. 

Quezon City is also called the city of stars having major networks its headquarters here, the artist would also like to be near their home network. You can compare it to Beverly Hills. 

One of the main attractions of the city is the Quezon City Memorial Circle. This is located in the Eliptical road and also right in front of Quezon City Circle. 

There is actually a lot to see in Quezon City, you just have to know what you want to see. 

I'll continue this post next time for the top places to go in Quezon City

Much love!



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