Tuesday, June 14, 2011

simple cravings during my period.

When I have my period I act like a pregnant woman going thru her first trimester. Usually on the first day of my period I feel sluggish and don't really want to move unless I have to go into the bathroom. 

I am not like other girls there that crave for green mangoes on their period. I usually crave for cold and hot beverages. I actually bought myself a hot tea and a Dark mocha frap back then when I was working in the call center! haha! 

One of the food that I crave the most besides from hot and cold beverages I also crave for fruits like grapes, apple, and oranges. When I was still working as a call center agent I would buy like 3 kilos of grapes from the grocery near our office. 

Craving is kinda something I can hold back when needed. But when I cannot hold it back anymore I would just do it. 

What is your special craving? Let me know ^_^

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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