Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What I have been craving for

A lot of my closest friends know that I crave food that easily. But there is one food that I really crave the most. Whether its raining or its painstakingly hot outside I usually crave for my mother's famous spaghetti.

My mama and me on my 21st birthday

My mom is not a chef, but there is just something in her cooking that really makes me want to ask "more please!"

My mom usually cooks spaghetti when there is a special occasion. It may be a birthday, New Years, Christmas - or simply we asked her to ^0^.

One thing I noticed about my mom's spaghetti is even without cheese it would still taste great.

I remember the last time she cooked a batch of spaghetti was my dad's birthday. That batch lasted for a week! And I was so happy that she made a lot since I just love her spaghetti! ^_^

Last January was my birthday and I asked her if she can cook a batch for my office mates. She really made an effort with this actually and made it really special, and you know what was the reaction of my office mates was? Of course they were impressed! :D

I really like the way my mom spends a lot of time in cooking meals for us. When I was younger, my mom doesn't cook a lot since she was working and she was busy all the time. I would usually see my dad cook most of our meals. But even if she was busy, she was the one who would cook our pack lunch or baon as we call it.

Nowadays she is the one that cooks me and my brother's baon. My brother usually prefers having meat-based dishes while for me anything will do. My mom insists that I have the same baon as my kuya has but I don't like having an all meat baon for a week. It would make me sick to eat meat every day.

Some of my mom's specialty are her beefsteak or bistek, she marinates them overnight then cooks them a day after. She has 2 variants for this feast. The first one has not a lot of the marinate which is what my brother brings to work. The other variant has some sauce which I really like. The sauce is just phenomenal that I'd prefer that over the meat.

Mom's have a way with making every meal special. I grew up with knowing good food is made with lots of love and also dedication to make you smile.

What's the specialty of your mom? Let me know on the comment box below.

see you on the next post!

Here's a never before seen stolen shot of me and my mom sleeping haha!

Much love!

-- Alice 


  1. wow...sweet...sana matikam ko rin yang spaghti na yan:)

    belated happy birthday:)


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