Friday, September 16, 2011

I wanna learn how to make macarons!

 Macarons or macaroons as we know it has changed throughout the years. 

I remember that only Macaroon I know is coconut. That's it.

This delectable treat actually came from France. The French pastry shop called Laduree first made these. These treats actually made a cameo on a film entitled Marie Antoinette. Yep you guessed it, its about Marie Antoinette. 

And one of the tasks I would have to accomplish is actually make these precious treats. 

I am not really sure where to start but I will find a way to make one ^_^

A macaroon is actually made from almond powder, powdered sugar and among others. 

I will try to make more blogs about my cooking experience! :) 

I miss cooking and I want to learn more cuisines as I grow older :) 

Wish me luck! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


  1. Me to love...I love macarons! try it in bizu:)

  2. OOoohhhh me too. I wanna learn how to make them. They're kind of expensive over here lol