Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dinner with my sister and the family at Banapple

Duane, me, Joyce, and baby Jezriel

Ola! I am now starting to update this blog more. 

It may be a little late (blame it on my schedule) but I will update this what ever it takes.

If you read my beauty blog, you would already have seen the first part of my Saturday last September 24. I was able to attend this event by Dollface cosmetics held in Purebeauty in Serendra. 

I had a great time and I was able to meet Noe, Janah, Teena and also Pearl, the owner of Dollface Cosmetics. 

If you want to see more of this event you can click here

So I actually stayed in my sister's house the rest of the weekend and one highlight of this weekend is the party and what we did on Sunday evening. 

Sunday evening we went out and had dinner in Banapple in Katipunan. I haven't actually ate there before but whenever I pass by on the way to my dad's I would be so curious because their place is highly recommended. The place was always packed but there were some things that kind of turned me off. 

look at that serving! ^^

The interior is great, it has this homey feel. The lighting has a romantic feel to it. There were a lot of couples, and also families that ate there. 

I ordered fettuccine jacinta which costs 170 per serving. When it was served to me, I was shocked to see that the serving is actually good for two! 

Here are some things I was a bit off about the place. For one is that we have to wait for like 10 mins or more to get a seat. Not all of their employees were approachable and some of them didn't even smile. It was okay for me  because I think they were having a lot of people to serve but honestly, at least show some courtesy. Even I would still force a smile when I'm stressed. 

But no biggie, I was there for the food and the ambiance, not really much on the staff. There were a bit fast but were a bit lacking in smiles. 

Would I eat again in Banapple? Of course! I would try their other specialties next time but not on a weekend. 

Have you been to Banapple? 

How was your experience? 

Tell me on the comment box and I'll talk to you soon! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 


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