Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mini stop's Promos and Quick food review! ^^,


Happy Friday! 

When you are in a hurry where do you buy your food? 

Mcdonalds? Jollibee? or any convenience store?

I mostly go to Ministop or 7-11 to buy food since I don't really eat a lot...well maybe if I haven't eaten breakfast. 

On that note, most commonly I go to ministop because of their friendly cashiers. I'll do another post about the cashiers on my other blog ^^, 

I am the type of person that usually talks to the cashiers if they are friendly. Its by chance that the ladies at ministop Pearl Dr here in Ortigas were really nice to tell me about some of their promos at the moment. 

First promo they have is the cool treats at mini stop. Basically if you buy a 5 giant sundae cones the 6th giant sundae cone is free! and to prove that you will be given a loyalty card the one I have. I'm not really sure though if all branches of ministop has this. 
Quick Review about their giant sundae cone. 

Things that I Like: 
-- Really Cheap! Only 15 php each. 
-- The flavors are awesome. Although it changes from time to time. I am currently loving their chocolate strawberry. 
-- 1 cone is just enough to fill your ice cream craving

Things that I Don't Like:
-- You have to eat this quickly because it melts quickly.


A winner! I love ice creams and this is one of my favorites! ^^, 

Will I purchase again? 

No questions ask....YES! 

Lets go the the next promo that they have. They have this promo on their fried chickens that if you buy either 1 piece or 2 piece chickens you get a 500ml pepsi! 

I actually don't eat lunch at home because I have to go to work at around 12nn. When I say their fried chicken I was like  

"teh anlaki naman nyan!" (That's so big!

I actually though this has more flour for breading than the actual meat, but it was actually not that! haha! The gravy and rice though were a bit of a let down because the rice is not that hot while the grave was a tad watery and has a lot of black pepper. 

Quick review again! 

What I like: 

- Great buy for 120!
- Really yummy chicken. 
- The 2 piece chicken is actually good for four if you look at the size of the chicken. 

What I don't like:
- Gravy was a bit watery and has a lot of pepper. 
- Rice was not hot :(


I still like it! even though the rice and gravy was a let down, the chicken was superb. You could honestly go on a food coma after this if you like the food haha! joking aside though this is an awesome meal if you are on a budget! 

I know its not THAT healthy to eat this everyday. I suggest to eat this at least twice a week and have a friend to share the big chicken okay? 

That's it for my blog post today! I hope you like it! If you have questions or suggestions of good restaurants I can try out here in Manila please do comment down below and I will talk to you soon ok? 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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