Saturday, October 15, 2011

How to make Teoppokki (Korean Spicy Rice Cakes)

Ola! I'm back with another post! 

This time though it will be to teach you how to make Ddubokki or Teoppokki.

It basically means spicy rice cakes in Korean. I may speak a little Korean but I don't speak the language fluently so don't ask me anything further than that ok? haha! 

I will be teaching you the instant version of the spicy rice cakes so you can make this within 15 minutes or less. 

Teoppoki / Ddukbokki is composed of fish cakes, rice cakes, some veggies and of course its sweet and spicy...well more on the spicy sauce.

I originally made this because my mom bought the ingredients already and she is too scared to over cook it. I am not a good cook, but I know how to follow instructions well so I did it for her. 

Since Korean groceries have been popping up like mushrooms your ingredients are fairly easy to get. 

You'll need: 

1 pack of rice cakes
1 pack of fish cakes
1 sachet instant teoppokki sauce

I did not add veggies in this one because I am not sure what veggies I should add. And quite honestly the only veggie in our refrigerator is ampalaya.. Ick! 

so let's go with the procedure first. 

1. Wash the rice cakes first.

2. Cut the fish cakes in smaller bite-size portions. 

3. Add water to a pan. I would prefer to use a pan than a pot but either way they work. 

4. Put the rice cake and fish cake into the pan and cover the pan. Wait for it to simmer. 

5. Once that it is simmering, add the ddukbokki sauce and stir until the sauce has become a watery-thick texture. If you like it to be more on the watery side you can add more water. 

6. Also check if the sauce is just right for you. If it is too spicy, just add sugar to lessen the spiciness. 

And that's it! There's not a lot to do with this recipe since it is an instant meal. 

I actually like to enjoy eating this hot since one the sauce cools down it will have a jelly-like texture. 

Try this out and I'm sure you'll like it! 

Much Love! 

--- Alice 


  1. Wow.. i wanna try this. Can i?

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  2. Thanks for following me Sweethestia! ^^, sure you can try this out :) Much Love!