Monday, October 17, 2011

Walking is my way of life.

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I love walking. Ever since I found out that it can help you slim down I've always loved it. 

Haha! echusera lang! 

Pero honestly I love walking since it helps me release stress and also release fats (haha!).

I have friends who actually run when they feel stressed. I've tried running, back then I was really good at it but since I gained weight, running ain't an option I would try. Try being 155 lbs then you run an incline path tignan naten tibay mo! LOL

I started walking to slim down back when I was in High school. I think that was sophomore year or junior year. I did those things mainly for 2 reasons:
1. To slim down.

2. To save some money. 

It actually made my life a little easier when I started walking since most of the time back then my mom would ask me to run some errands and to save money I would just walk to the store. Extra allowance for me! haha!

I think it was up until I was in senior year in college I have loved walking. 

The results may not show immediately but its a working progress. 

One of the weirdest things I think I did was I walked from Quiapo, Manila to Roxas Blvd. Not that I was a cheapskate, but I just wanted to enjoy the sounds and sights of Manila. I live in Quezon City so cut some slack for me okay? haha! 

I've also walked from my office, which is in Ortigas to my house in Quezon City. When I checked online how long that was I was shocked to see that I walked for 4 miles. Of coursed I was exhausted when I got home, but I feel refreshed. 

Walking is something people took advantage. For me walking is not just a means for me to get somewhere but to also enjoy the sights, sounds and the people I see. People think I'm weird because of that but I don't care.

You can also try walking to give you a better health. Try walking your dog or even just walking to the store. The thing with this is your not thinking where you are going. You just let your feet bring you there.

And also when walking, do not EVER drag your feet because it will tire you. I've done that so many times and its not a pretty picture if you ask me. It makes me look like I am in a death march.

Have you tried walking as a way to relax? 

Tell me what you think on the comment box and I'll talk to you soon. 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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