Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Afternoon Snacks: 7-11's Daily Bread Brownies

I seriously love chocolate. I love any kind of food that has chocolate. Usually when I'm at the office and I have extra time, I would drop by the convenience stores here in the vicinity of our office, one of them is 711,
711 has a lot in store. From food to personal stuff they have it here. 
The 711 in our area is always packed with people since it is surrounded by offices. 

They also have their own line of pastries called the daily bread. Honestly I haven't tried all of the bread it has. I also haven't tried this so might as well I do a review about it. 

In price its reasonable for 28 pesos (approximately .68 USD). They also have variants in rocky road, chocolate with white icing and of course the original brownies. Taste-wise its pretty much okay if you just need a quick chocolate rush. 

My overall verdict for this one is its okay but needs to improve more. I think one reason why people don't buy this is simply because it doesn't have that "chocolate touch" You know the taste that is creamy yet not overwhelming and the sweetness of chocolate is just there...that is what I am looking for.

You can buy this at any 711 store. 

Hope you enjoyed my food review for today.

I'll have more in store! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice

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  1. I love 7-Eleven Daily Bread too! I think they have one in White Chocolate which tastes better :D