Thursday, October 20, 2011

Philippine Snacks: Turon

wacky pose with my turon LOL

Being Filipino, I was exposed to all the tasty food that we have, From the appetizers, entrees and of course snacks and desserts. 

Turon is one of my favorite since its crunchy, sweet and good to eat whenever you want to. 

Turon is Banana Lumpia according to wikipedia. It is basically banana and jackfruit dusted with brown sugar then wrapped in spring rolls then fried to perfection. Turon is available basically everywhere. The cheapest one I know is only 10 pesos which is around .50 USD or much cheaper. 

Filipinos like to eat this mainly that it is sweet and also it available anytime of the day. I like to eat this during lunch time since that's the time I arrive at work. 

It's actually best to eat a turon when its hot since the wrapper is still crunchy, when you eat this a little late though it would be soggy. 

The best partner for this drink is some palamig or sago t' gulaman. 

If you have any questions about Filipino cuisines and the like you can just comment below. 

Have a safe weekend ahead! 

Much Love!

-- Alice 


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