Saturday, March 17, 2012

Magnum Ice Cream Craze


I have been seeing this ice cream on the internet a lot nowadays and I have been curious about it. 
Magnum ice cream has actually been around but it was only sold abroad so it has really become a hype here in the Philippines. Since I don't want to miss out on this I actually waited the right time to buy this and yes I bought this on my pay day haha! I actually bought the almond and chocolate truffle variant. 

Okay lets start with Magnum almond. I really like almonds so I was pretty hyped that there is an ice cream with almonds. 

In terms of sweetness its not the sweetness that I expected. Maybe it was because of the almonds. The vanilla ice cream was just a tad bland for my taste which was a let down but I like this one for being the only ice cream that has almonds. 

Let's go now with chocolate truffle. I was more interested in this one since I love chocolate. In terms of the ice cream its just the right sweetness for me to like it. I kinda don't like that it doesn't look like the ones that you see on the adverts but you know how advertising sometimes exaggerate things.  

I'm just a little concerned with the price since one of this costs like 60 php on 7-11 which is a little too pricey for some. But I think its a good buy if you really want to have a good ice cream experience. 

Will I buy this again? 

Maybe but I'll try the classic one instead :) 

Have you tried the magnum ice cream? Do you like it? 

Let me know on the comment box below and I'll talk to you soon! 

Much Love! :)

-- ALice 


  1. Hi dear! I tasted the MAGNUM Classic and its absolutely awesome!!! Yes its kinda pricey.. but I LOVE THE FLAVOR! I wanna try the truffle!!!

  2. wow! I am not an ice cream eater but it makes me wanna indulge ^_^ thanks for sharing alice!


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