Saturday, February 2, 2013

Are you Ready for KFC's Double Decker?

Hello there! Its Saturday again and I just thought to drop by and share this post with you guys. 

Since I started this food blog, I have really been out and about trying all the food finds I can find. But because I am trying to lose weight, I have to minimize my food finding trips. Luckily I was able to get a hold of this a couple of weeks ago when my friend was feeling down due to a break up. 

I usually suggest to my friends that are in a bit of a heartbreak situation to pig out. Either on pastries, ice cream, candies and anything else they have in mind. I would suggest munching on chocolates but my friend doesn't want chocolates so I suggested maybe chicken would be great. 

I know that pigging out is bad but sometimes food can make you feel good that's why I bought my friend to KFC and we tried KFC's Double Decker. 

KFC's Double Decker consists of two boneless chicken with bacon, a slice of cheese and lettuce and garlic mayo. This is retailed for 145 pesos ala carte. I think it would be much cheaper if you get the fully loaded version of this. 

If you are not a big eater, you can definitely share this with a friend because its so big. I actually had trouble biting through since its quite thick. Taste wise, its good, its quite salty but thankfully its not overwhelming to the mouth. My friend also had some trouble since she has a smaller mouth than I do, but there is no big burger this girl won't be able to bite through she's like a piranha LOL.

  I know nilalaglag na kita M pero its true! wahaha!

Me and my friend M were quite stuffed after we ate this, she was still heartbroken but not hungry anymore thanks to KFC. 

Grab the KFC Double Decker now to the nearest KFC! 

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Much Love! 

xx Alice


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