Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Food Finds: Sweet tooth goodness with Dole's Mandarins in Orange Gel

Happy Wednesday! 

On today's food finds I will be sharing this sweet tooth goodness from Dole, their Mandarins in Orange Gel cups.

I like to stay up late and blog a lot before and when I get hungry either I get coffee, tea or fruit since I am also trying to lose weight. Thankfully, I was able to get this when my mom went shopping. I'm not really sure if this is available at Mini Stop or 711 but surely this will be available there soon. These are retailed at around 20-30 pesos in Mini stop and 711.

Basically it is orange jelly with mandarins in it. Its quite refreshing to the taste buds since you get to taste different kinds of citrus flavor. The taste is not too sweet which is also good for kids if you want them to have these for their baon for school. 

Their nutritional value is good since one serving is 70 calories, good for those who are watching their weight and also losing some weight. Its also great if you just want a quick snack while doing your report or watching TV. 

I really like the mandarins the most since they are real mandarins or kiat kiat here in Manila. My nephew and nieces love these as mid morning or afternoon snacks for the sweetness of the orange jelly.

I've actually ran out of these and I will ask my mom to buy me some again soon when she goes grocery shopping. This will be a great addition to my snacks for sure!

Dole Fruit bowls are also available in
Mandarin Orange in Light Syrup
Dried Peaches in Light Syrup
Tropical Fruit in lightly sweetened syrup
and Peaches in Strawberry Gel

You can find these at some groceries like SM and also Mini Stop and 711 nationwide!

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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