Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nomnomnom moment with BonChon's KoYo!

Last Christmas, I was able to try this treat from BonChon which is their KoYo!

KoYo? What is that? -- That is my first reaction to it since it was my first time to try it. My friend said that KoYo is a contraction of the words Korean Yogurt. 

Bonchon is a restaurant here in the Philippines which serves Korean style food in a fast food setting. They have Japchae and other Korean faves but infuses it with a western kick. Their best seller is their chicken which I am yet to blog next time. Dieting is hard and I need to set a time for them TT_TT

So going back, I chose their blueberry cheesecake KoYo which consists of Yogurt, and blueberry cheesecake. This currently retails at 75 pesos which is quite reasonable. 

Quite honestly, I found it more on the blueberry tasting than being blueberry cheesecake. I don't know maybe its just me but it was a tad too sweet as well. I like that it has real blueberry bits and also the crust but the taste didn't mixed in well for me. I still love this if you ask me but I think the next time I would buy this I would get a Special Order asking them to put a less blueberry syrup and more on the blueberry bits ^__^

I will try the banofee one next time I drop by Bonchon! 

Have you tried this? Let me know below! :) 

xx Alice


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