Friday, January 18, 2013

End of the World Dinner with my office mates + quick review of Gilligan's in Megamall

Hello there! Happy New Year! I'm so sorry I wasn't able to blog as much last year about food since well..I haven't been out and about but I promise I will be able to blog more this year since I promised to give you guys lots of food treats for 2013! 

Let me start off with this post about my End of the world dinner with my office mates. I rarely go on a night out with my office mates after work since most of us are dead tired and would just like to go to sleep. But last December 21, me and three of my office mates decided to eat out. My office mate Lj actually invited me and who would refuse a nice evening out right? So we decided to go to Gilligan's in Megamall since it is near our office. 

Gilligan's is actually a bar and resto which a great place to hang out by families and barkadas alike. You can easily spot Gilligan's since its just outside of SM Megamall Bldg B near the taxi bay area. I have been in Gilligan's when I was younger with my dad, sister, and brother in law since they have their drinking sessions little me would just enjoy the finger food and mounts of Cali- which is a non alcoholic beverage. 

Quite honestly I like to hang out with older crowds when I was younger so expect how my thinking and knowledge of music is waaaaaayyyyy beyond my age. 

Going back - Back then Gilligan's was more of a spot where people would like to have a drink with their friends but not to the point that they get wasted. Nowadays though, Gilligan's offer a wide selection of food from great combos with a bucket of beer to boodle meals great for 4 people. 

Me and my colleagues didn't really know what would be in store for us since we are just there to have a great time. Time to introduce my officemate!

Me and Mami Erlyn

Mami Lj and Tyna

We opted to order their bundle meals which are around 400-600 for 4 persons. It would consists of soup, rice, and other viands that you prefer. I actually didn't remember what exact bundle we got since its been quite a long time ago TT_TT But here are some of the pictures...

You can also opt for unli rice which is an additional 35 pesos.

I will do another post of Gilligan's soon which is more detailed. I will try some of their cocktails next time so watch out for that post.

Much Love!

xx Alice


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