Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Appraisery: My kind of coffee shop.

I like love coffee. Next to tea, soda or other beverages I really love drinking coffee. There is just that something nice to drinking some coffee. I could drink it hot or cold but it would really depend on the coffee shop that I go to if they serve great coffee.

I stumbled upon this coffee shop a couple of weeks back on my way home..which technically I was not feeling going home yet because I felt I stopped by Cubao expo and found this coffee shop.

According to one of their employees they have been in cubao expo for about half a year but they had their store at greenhills before. I was actually interested in the store because of its interiors. They have these black boards that has writings regarding supporting local brands, pictures from local artists and also about games.

I am not a gamer but the games that they feature here were the ones that only see on big bang theory..sort of.

Then off I go and bought myself a cold Americano and just chilled outside. I was really hoping to end my not so eventful day with a cold americano and just let time fly by. Then one of their patrons approached me which actually threw me back because I was not really hoping to talk to anyone. He invited me for a game of 7 Wonders.

I was not a gamer but I guess playing with random strangers wouldn't be a bad thing right? 

I was actually able to play with the owner of the Appraisery and he is really nice and he taught me how to play the game. If you ask me how I would rather crawl underground and cry because the game is simple in context but still complicated. Still a great game nonetheless. 

According to one of the patrons, the store has weekly featured games in which you could come n and play with other gamers just for the heck of it - of course you need to purchase something from the store. 

The food that they offer are pretty cheap which ranges from 70php to 150php. They also have great deserts which are still within the budget of college students. 

Over all, I think hanging out here would be a great thing to do. The Appraisery has a very chilled vibe to it that most college students and yuppies alike that will like. 

Make sure to visit them next time you are in Cubao Expo! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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