Monday, March 3, 2014

Yoshinoya Brings Japan's Famous Beef Bowl to Ayala Fairview Terraces!

Last Friday I attended an event for the opening of Yoshinoya in Ayala Fairview Terraces. If you guys would like to know more about Ayala Fairview Terraces you can check my other blog for that since today I will share to you the awesome food from Yoshinoya.

I remember when I was younger (ouch!) My cousin likes to eat at Yoshinoya and would always bring home one for me as well since I am her look out when she sneaks out just for fun.

We were young and sheltered kids so little adventures like going to Robinson's Galleria is like Dora on an adventure. Okay that sounds lame..but I really like eating Japanese food since I grew up learning a whole lot of the Japanese culture.

Okay time for history class! 

Yoshinoya's Famous beef bowl was actually invented way back in the 1800's by Eikichi Matsuda. The name of their store is Yoshinoya which means - 

Yoshino - A district in Osaka, Japan; Eikichi Matsuda's hometown
Ya - Japanese for 'house'

It has garnered a lot of attention to the Japanese people because it was their version of 'fastfood' back then within the busy fishermen and also travelers during the Edo Period.  

It went on a full expansion when Mizuho Matsuda converted their restaurant into a 24-hour restaurant which boosted its image not just in Japan but also for the rest of the world. Having about 1,200 outlets around the world namely in Japan, USA, Hongkong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. 

And now one of its newest branch is in Ayala Fairview Terraces~!

Last Friday, We were offered to see their newest branch and also some of Yoshinoya's famous and newest treats. The program was started by the store blessing by Rev. Fr. Regalia which was actually not the typical store blessing if you asked me.

It was followed by the ribbon cutting and throwing of coins as a sign of good luck and bountiful blessings for the newest branch.

were also speeches by Managing Director Mr. Leo Co and Mr. Timothy Yang, the President of Yoshinoya Century Pacific Inc.

Afterwards we were served a full course Yoshinoya meal which consists of their famous Gyudon, Kani Salad, Hani Shu mai and green iced tea.

Beef Bowl or Gyudon in Japanese. It consists of thin beef strips, slices of onion, Chewy rice and a broth. The taste is quite good although I wish they would have a version with more veggies than onions only. You can try this for only 119PHP per bowl.

Kani Salad. This consists of thin strips of carrots and cucumber with romaine lettuce topped with strips of Kani or seaweeds, caviar and Kani salad dressing. I like this salad since it doesn't have that much pizzazz but still have that great taste into it. Try this out for about 69PHP per serving.

Kani Shu Mai - This is bascially its a special kind since it has pork meat and at the center is a crab meat. It is not the typical shu mai if you ask me because it is packed with flavor with the unexpected taste of the crab meat in the middle. You can try this out for 59PHP for three pieces.

Yoshinoya is definitely home to delicious modern Japanese comfort food. Since 2001, The company is the most preferred Japanese restaurant in the country that has offered high quality food at affordable prizes.

I felt really stuffed after eating this feast. I really love the Gyudon at Yoshinoya. The taste of the Gyudon is just superb and the serving is just right!

Make sure to join as well their Gyudon famous bowl eating contest for a chance to win 100K! Check it out from their branches or on their Facebook page.

Yoshinoya's latest branch in Ayala Fairview Terraces is located at the 3rd Floor.

Much Love!



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