Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Experience 3rd Wave Coffee with Coffee Empire

Coffee. I love coffee. There is just something about coffee that most people love. Most people depend on it to stay awake all night to finish a project or to wake them up in the morning. Some people like to enjoy a cup of coffee just for the relaxation it gives. 

But its most coffee shops are just the same don't you think? I was thankful to experience a new kind of coffee experience with the Coffee Empire a couple of weeks back. 

Their first branch along the stretch of West Avenue in Quezon City is from the brainchild Chef Ernest Joggler Martin and entrepreneur Anthony Lim. 

Their winning ticket for a new kind of coffee experience? The third wave coffee concept. This concept aspires the highest form of appreciation to coffee. 

The preparation of coffee has actually become an art in which each step is specifically calculated from the sourcing, roasting, all the way to its final brew. With this kind of experience, We will be able to experience the finest coffee of the world also with what our coffee can offer. 

The Coffee Empire offers a wide selection of high-grade, hand-picked coffee beans roasted to perfection and served at its peak where the balance of its tastes, texture and aroma is achieved. 

I was really amazed on their coffee bean selections from here to abroad. I was able to sample an espresso made from the best coffee beans from Baguio. 

The opening was really a great experience because they also held a competition for latte art which features some of the best in the metro. Of course the contest will not be one if there is no prize right? The prize for the best latte art is an iPhone 5! 

How envious I am for the winner but quite honestly I have never seen a pack of men oggle during a cafe latte art competition like this. It was something to be seen really. 

Please do visit Coffee Empire soon! They are located at 74 West Avenue, West Triangle, Quezon City (Besides Hap Chan)

Make sure to visit as well their Facebook page for more updates. 

Much Love!

xoxo Alice 

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