Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Enjoy Legit Japanese Food at Akira

If you are feeling some Japanese food and you are in Makati I would suggest visiting Akira, The Art of Sushi and Teppanyaki. 

Akira is located at Alphaland Makati Place which is near in the heart of the busy and bustling Makati business center. 

In its third store, Akira is the first restaurant conceptualized by world renowned industrial designer Kenneth Cobonque. With his collaboration of the owner and President of PotBelly Pig Gilbert Coits the store is not just a regular Japanese restaurant but more of an experience of really dining in a Japanese restaurant. 

The interior of the store is inspired by al fresco fall season in Japan. Kenneth Cobonque himself designed the chairs for the restaurant called Kawayan Too Chairs to compliment the Yoda chairs also in the restaurant. 

The restaurant has that very stylish yet homey feel to it. I would recommend this to my sister since she likes eating Japanese food a lot. 

Speaking of which, the restaurant specializes in sushi and teppanyaki dishes I was in a treat with their menu. There is such so much to choose from I tell you! 

Being its core products are sushi and teppanyaki dishes there are a variety of Teppanyaki and Sushi sets that you can have.  

I grew up eating Japanese food because of my mother's job. It made my palette more open to Japanese dishes and other cuisines so I could also accommodate our Japanese clients when I was younger.  

We were served different cuisines and here are some of the highlight. 

Foir Gras Chawan ( P 348 )
For appetizers we were served Foie Gras Chawan. Its basically goose liver I believe. The difference between regular foie gras and Akira's foie gras is that it has Kani (crab meat), Shiitake mushrooms and also spring onions which gives a little kick to its taste.  

The taste is quite subtle. If you haven't tried foie gras think of it as like a poached egg because of its consistency. There is fat in it but its not too much which is good if you want something to liven up your appetite for the next meal. 

Kani and Pomelo Salad (P 248)

The next one we had is Kani and Pomelo Salad. There is also Kani Salad that was served to other bloggers that were with us. I think Kani and Pomelo is a great summer salad because the toasted Kani is a great contrast to the juiciness of the pomelo chunks. 

Next up we were served two types of Teppanyaki - The oyster teppanyaki and the Set A of the Teppanyaki Set. 

Oyster Teppanyaki (P 248)

The oyster teppanyaki is on ala carte while the Set A Teppanyaki is a meal set in which you can share with your friends. 

I have mixed feelings about the oyster teppanyaki. Its great but I've had too many experiences that I was a bit hesitant with it. The great thing with the oyster teppanyaki is that it is fried so if you don't like oyster you will have a second thought with that. 

Set A Teppanyaki. - Japanese Beef Wagyu  (P 1148)
Next up is the Set A Teppanyaki. I was supposed to order the US beef wagyu but unfortunately it was unavailable, but we got the Japanese wagyu instead. Each Teappanyaki set are served with Miso soup, Japanese Fried rice and Chicken, Prawns, and the beef of choice. It is actually pricey but if you look at it the teppanyaki set is worth it because the chicken, prawns and the Japanese wagyu beef were superb. They were tender and easy to chew. 

Mixed Sashimi (P 528)

The next one that was served to us were the mixed sashimi. The mixed Sashimi set include 8 kinds of sashimi: Salmon, Tuna, Hamachi, Tamago, Uni, Ebi, Kani, and Tako.Quite honestly I didn't really think that there would be so much in the mixed sashimi. I liked that its really fresh that even without soy sauce its great to eat!

California Maki (P 368)
Next up is the California Maki. This is one of my favorites because compared to other Japanese restaurants, Akira's California Maki is a bit thicker and it really uses Tobiko or fish roes which pops when you bite into them. 

Ice cream parfait (P 268)
For dessert we had Ice Cream Parfait. I have a sweet tooth and this one is THE BOMB! I am saying that because its not all ice cream. There is a mix of texture from the juiciness of the fresh fruits to the crunchiness of the wafer.  

Japanese Zombie and Sex on the Beach (P 258)

If you are more into having a night cap, Akira also offers cocktails and beers in their selection. They also have themed nights such as Yamazaki Friday and Hakushu Saturdays in which they have djs playing great mix of music to accompany you and your friends while enjoying your dinner. 

Akira's Teppanyaki Chef is Chef Lucky Salcedo and Head Chef is Chef Tom spent 20 years in Japan. You would really know that Akira's cuisines are legit Japanese. 

I also had some fun at Akira with Jessica, Shawn, and Kamila 

Akira also accepts reservation for corporate lunches and events. They can customize their menu from their budget. Akira's setting capacity is from 70 to 120 pax. 

For inquiries and reservations you may call 09177067328 or email Miguel S. De La Rosa, Marketing Director at

Thank you so much to Mr. Miguel De La Rosa and also Ms. Lariza for the chance to experience the real deal in Japanese cuisine. 

Make sure to visit Akira at Malugay St. Cor. Ayala Avenue Ext, Makati City. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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