Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Eastwood Food Find: Bone and Barrel Bistro

Hello guys! I am back with a new post! 

I'll be blogging a lot more so please be patient :) 

Okay lets begin! 

If you are in Eastwood either living there or working, we all know that this place is full with restaurants and places to hang out either during the day or after working hours. If you are looking for a great place to eat and have a good time I do have one place in mind. 

Bone and Barrel Bistro! 

Lined among the line of bars in Eastwood, this bistro offers more than the liquor we need after hours of work - seriously an after work drink isn't really something up my sleeve but a food trip is what I love! 

The interior looks very western with a hint of modern into it. 

They have a bar with a wide range of drinks you can have. 

Okay on to the food. 

The food they offer are mostly Filipino based foods but with a twist - Its not the typical Filipino food we are used to. 

Okay without further ado here are some of their must taste delicacies. 

First up is the Bulalo rice. It is basically rice mixed with bulalo meat and vegetables. Quite honestly this alone can be your meal. The rice was not bland and also there were bits of meat and vegetables. This can be shared between 3-4 people in my opinion since there is a lot to share. 

Next up is the golden toro. The name itself is like a majestic thing to say. Golden Toro is deep fried beef short ribs with lots of garlic. Although fried, the meat is not tough to chew on. I like its chewiness. Although small in serving, this does hit a spot with me. Priced at 265PHP.

Next is balut pasta. 

Okay I know what you guys are thinking...balut pasta for real? YES. FOR. REAL. Balut pasta is sauteed duck eggs in crab roe. In my taste, it has a similar texture to carbonara pasta so if you are going to make your friend eat this without them knowing that there is duck egg in it, you might succeed my friend. Priced at 195PHP. 

Next is beef lengua sisig. This is actually a first time for me since I've never tasted a lengua sisig before. Lengua is an ox's tongue. The texture of the meat is really soft and I think this could be a great lunch or dinner food but also great with a bottle of beer. Priced at 289PHP 

And we have Kansi. Kansi is an Ilonngo style of bulalo in which if you noticed instead of having a clear stock it has more of a reddish color. The reason for that is because Ilonggo's are known to use Atsuete or Annatto in English in their food that gives out that reddish hue. 

The meat actually has been cooked for over 9 hours so its really tender that you can slice through the meat with your fork. 

This is priced at 365php which can be shared for about 2-4 people. 

 And lastly, we have dessert. 

We were served with brownie ala mode. It consists of two brownies with an ice cream in between and also on top of it. The brownies were really soft and chewy. Added with the ice cream they were just perfect. And yes I am in my happy place just thinking about it. These are priced at 165php. 

BOOM PANES shot of the day LOL
Okay since we are in Eastwood, I will not forget to recommend something alcoholic - just because. I would recommend trying their flavored beer! 

It was my first time to try them and boy were they  AWESOME! They have different flavors like cucumber, raspberry, elderberry, watermelon, salted caramel, and so much more. 

It is only 85php per glass. I would suggest drinking these after you eat since they will make your dining experience much better. 

Have you tried these? Make sure to comment below about your experience ok? 

See you on the next post! 

Much Love! 

xoxo Alice 


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