Friday, January 16, 2015

Mr. Fast Foo: Food that is faster than hunger

Chinese food is one of those cuisine that is simple, easy to make and also doesn't take that much time in making. And Mr. Fast Foo is one of the latest Chinese food dining experiences that promises fantastic feasts served fast. And thy claimed that they can serve it in 3 minutes fast! which is the fastest by restaurant industry standards.

Dr. Carlos Almeda, the man behind Mr. Fast Foo is a licensed physician and mechanical engineer. Mr. Almeda combines his knowledge in food science and expertise in engineering to prepare affordable and sumptuous dishes that are fast. 
Here are some of their food offerings

Special Fresh Lumpia

If you are looking for an all veggie and tofu with crispy seaweeds, sugared peanuts, cilantro and garlic this can be your pick and also the serving is quite big but the price will not burn your wallet at 90 pesos. 

Fried spring rolls

If you like a fried spring roll, Mr. Fast foo also have their take on this healthy mix of veggies wrapped in lumpia wrapper that is deep fried with a dip comprised of soy and vinegar sauce for only 70php. 

Lechon Macau

I remember having lechon macau in another restaurant when I was younger and usually this succulent pork with its crispy skin is best served with a steaming bowl of rice. For 109php you can enjoy this delectable treat. 

Tongkatsu rice 
Tongkatsu is mainly a Japanese dish but a lot of my Chinese friends love this because its crunchiness and tender meat. 

They also serve kikiam! 

But compared to the store bought one this is very different to it it. The texture is really firm and its has a golden fried outer layer. 

One of the things I've noticed with Mr. Fast Foo is that even though they have big serving for their food, the prices are not that expensive. 

One of my favorites though is their Buchi. Their take on this famous dessert is they have three flavors like pandan and sweet red beans. And the chewiness is just right that I think this is great for kids too! 

You guys should check out Mr. Fast Foo at UST Manila and University Mall in Taft if you want to tast Chinese food but not wait for a long time for it. 

Much Love 

xx Alice 


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