Friday, January 16, 2015

Six Reasons Why you need to Visit Vikings

Buffets are something that I have a love hate relationship with. I love the variety of food being served without the over priced bill. 

The thing that I hate though is I am not good with buffets as much as I like it because if I don't try everything it seems that I wasted my money. 

Thankfully with Vikings, I don't have that after guilt. And here are some other factors why you should try Vikings. 

They have a mix of everything. 


If you want to go around on a food tour without going to one restaurant to another Vikings is really the key. They serve a myriad of dishes from different parts of the world! 

One of my favorites is they have different varieties of Kimchi available and also the spiciness isn't much to be bothered about.

Meat lovers galore!

Do you have a penchant for meat and you want to try them all? Head on to Vikings! They have a variety of meat dishes that are perfect for the beginner to advanced meat connoisseurs  

Relax and Family friendly atmostphere that is still great on a date. 

I noticed that there are a lot of families dining at Vikings but there are some couples that dine in as well. You don't have to feel conscious when you eat there because it have a very cozy atmosphere that families and couples alike will absolutely love

You can leave your bag and don't worry about it. 

I am not saying that you do this, but I feel secured leaving my bag on our table because Vikings is fully equipped with HD surveillance cameras to monitor everything which I don't see a lot in some restaurants. 

The staff are amazing! 

I really take in consideration when eating at a restaurant how the staff treat their customers. The staff at Vikings have a very professional approach to their customers without being snobbish. 

Also the staff in handling the food are fully equipped with the standard items like gloves when they handle the food which is really nice and when you ask them about the food they answer very politely.

They opened a new branch at SM Jazz! 

One of the things I was really giddy about is they opened a new branch at SM Jazz. I have a lot of friends that live in that area and they are absolutely excited because sometimes we have to go to the other branches of Vikings to dine there. 

Overall its a great experience everytime we dine at Vikings. So make sure to visit Viking's latest branch at SM Jazz! 

Much Love

xx Alice 


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