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Be a Local eater at Locavore

Kapitolyo is one of the known foodie hot spots here in Manila in which its really best to check them all out. 

One of the first restaurants that I will be reviewing in Kapitolyo is Locavore. 

The term Locavore is actually a movement started in the United States which means that it is a person that is interested to eating food that is locally produced. Much like the name, Locavore boasts of an all Pinoy dish ensemble - with a twist. 

The interior of the restaurant is very modern. Much like those that are quite expensive. But at Locavore most of their dishes are not that expensive and also the serving is quite bit so sharing is no problem with their dishes

If you go here you might think that its cuisine is a fusion type but its not. It only takes on one specific dish and makes its cooking different from the usual way its cooked. Here are some that were served to us. 


Singkamas, Mangga at Bagoong (180php)

The presentation alone would remind you of after school vendors that flock near the entrance of your school enticing you to eat one for about 10php with unlimited pouring of bagoong or spicy salt. 

Its basically Mangoes and Jicama (pronounced as hee-ka-ma) with a side of fermented slightly sweet shrimp paste. The serving is just right for our table although most of them didn't touch this because I called dibs (yes its true..I LOVE these as appetizers as well)

Street food platter. (200php)

Again, another local staple. 

I remember one of my friends say this is the sosyal street food platter and I would agree to that. It has a heapful serving of fish balls, kikiam, battered and deep fried quail eggs or kwek kwek and squid balls. 

The only thing I wish is that they can put more dip in this because let's be real - little sauce to fish balls is like putting one drop of olive oil to your salad. But overall this is a great conversation starter because it will bring back memories for sure. 

Now for the entrees

Sisig Lechon and Oyster
 What would happen if you add pork and shellfish in a dish? Can't really describe it but when I saw this I was like WTF?! Seriously?? It tastes so great!

Lechon with the oyster is covered with a sauce that actually makes them perfect as a dish served with rice or if you are just looking for a perfect partner with your beer. The texture of the oyster and the lechon is really unique that you would want to have more in every bite. 

Next off is Tortang Talaba.

It is a mix of Kalibo Oysters with mushroom, togue, spring onion, Japanese Mayo with a side of arugula salad. 

This is something that I think is best served during lunch. It has a taste that is quite different to the regular omelette but it tastes great. Unfortunately its not really something I would want to have next time I'm at Locavore during dinner. 

Next off is Mac's Boneless Fried Chicken. 

I kid you not when I first saw this I was quite scared. It kind of reminded me of mutated chicken intestines that was deep fried and slathered in a sweet sauce. Not that I don't like chicken intestines so don't judge me. 

This is actually a house special glazed boneless fried chicken. If you dine with your kids here at Locavore make sure to order this because they will love it for sure. It has a savory-sweet sauce that is best eaten with your hands - and let's be honest, Fried chicken is best eaten using our hands anyway. A definite plus factor is it is boneless so if your kids will eat this you won't have to worry de-boning it first for them. 

Kare Kare wings

Think of eating Kare Kare but instead of oxtail you will have it in chicken wings - fascinating right?

Its a 6 piece chicken wings bathed in a Kare-kare glaze. It also have two dips which were the buttermilk ranch dressing and the usual shrimp paste because Kare Kare ain't one without the shrimp paste. 

It have a very nutty flavor because of the glaze and it is just right to eat with rice especially if you want to eat a lot.

Sugpo con mayonesa
This is actually my second favorite out of the bunch - Sugpo Con Mayonesa!

It is Jumbo black tiger prawns with Aligue (crab fat) butter, garlic and Japanese mayonnaise. First things first - this is one AWESOME dish I will recommend hands down because of how savory this dish is! The mix between the butter and garlic was pretty normal but when you add in Japanese Mayonnaise and crab fat it just explodes in your mouth. 

I am not exaggerating at this point because it is really that good. 

Last but definitely not the least we have my top item to try in their menu which is the sizzling sinigang. 

It is beef short ribs with sauteed french beans, sampaloc gravy and garlic confit. I know you will read the sampaloc gravy again and yes it is gravy! but not the usual gravy we have at the local fastfood joint. The sauce is very much like the one that we have in sinigang which is tangy. The meat though has a contrasting texture since its on a sizzling plate there are parts that is crunchy and there were also parts that were soft and tender. 

Now let's move on to the dessert! Who doesn't love dessert right?

We had three desserts that were served to us but I only tried one because I am too full at this point and I don't want to explode haha! 

I was able to try the Tortang Manga or in English Mango Torte. 

It has Mangoes, Meringue, Tablea and Dulce de Leche. It will remind you of a similar creation but this one has more texture than that. I love the dulce de leche because it reminds me of when my grandmother used to make one when I was younger. Making good dulce de leche is like knowing how to poach an egg. The taste is sweet but not too much for the palette. 

Overall Locavore made me revive my love to find all things new and unique in our local food. Price wise, Locavore is not that expensive and the ambiance is great especially on Tuesdays because they have Acoustic nights. 

Locavore is located at 10 Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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