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Solaire's Anniversry Offerings *CAUTION: Food Porn...LOTS OF IT*

Hey guys! Before I forth and share to you this I would just like to tell you that this will be filled with A LOT of Food shots so if you are reading this late at night or you are at work 

PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD AND DELICIOUS DO NOT HATE ME because just looking at the pictures below have made me craved and possibly munched on a few crackers and chips just to get by writing this whole article.

But aside from that enjoy reading! 

I am a serious foodie, and also I love that being a blogger I also get to share these experiences with you guys. I am really honored and thankful first to Zomato and Solaire Resort and Casion for inviting me to try out Solaire's Anniversary offerings which will entice your palettes. 

Me and other bloggers were able to try six of the restaurants at Solaire Resort and Casino now let's go through one by one shall we?

First off is Finestra.

Finestra offers fine Italian cuisine that will tingle your palette and make you think of going to this beautiful and majestic country full of colorful contrasts from the metro cities to the coastal villages of Italy.

The interior shouts Italian elegance that will make you transport to its aristocratic era - where kings and queens dine to their hearts content and savor good food. 

The seating in Finestra will vary from a large family dine experience to lovers enjoying a night out. 

And one thing I was really surprised is how large and open their kitchen is! Its really how an Italian kitchen is. I remember my Italian friend's kitchen way back in high school when I went to their house and helped her make an Italian feast for her family. 

The three words I can explain Finestra is Fine, Elegant, and Exquisite - that is how you will feel dining here. 

So now let's move on to the dish (I warned you okay?) 

Finestra's Anniversary offering is the Saltimbocca Alla Sorrentina.

It is braised veal, speck ham, buffalo mozzarrella with San Marzano tomatoes. This is a dish that Executive Chef Salvatore de Vincentis served that will transport you to the vibrant city of Sorrento.

Initially, I thought how can a small piece of meat fill ones stomach? I was wrong. One bite of this is pure bliss. The veal was cooked to perfection that is topped with buffalo mozzarella that gives a little more kick of flavor into it.

It has a burst of flavor that you would actually want to have more - I actually did, two to be exact. It was really good! This is only available this March so make sure to go to Finestra to try it for yourself.

Now let's move on to the next restaurant which is Waterside Restobar.

Waterside Restobar offers a mix of Latin American and Mediterranean specialties. They also have a huge open kitchen in which features a unique ensemble of a paella cooking station and a tapas bar.

They are located near the pool area so it gives out a very warm and inviting ambiance to its patrons.

Here are their offerings.

Paella Valenciana which consists of white rice, green vegetables, meat, some seafood and other ingredients.

Their Paella Valenciana has a very savory taste to it because of the seasoning and also this paella alone is perfect to share to your family.

Surf & Turf – Hanger Steak, Salmon, Pork Ribs, and Prawns.

This was a big surprise for me because the serving they gave us was HUGE for this.

The prawns were big, juicy and fresh, it has a very fresh taste with a little sweetness that would definitely say that Waterside didn't go short on the freshness of its seafood.

The Salmon was cooked to perfection and has maintained its sweetness - this is actually my favorite because cooking salmon has a very different science of cooking it to maintain its freshness and its mild sweet flavor.

The Hanger steak, seasoned to mint that you wouldn't grow tired munching on them.

And lastly, the pork ribs that were so good there wouldn't be any meat left on its bones.

and their Coaster – Humita and Potato Carbonara. Humita is the one wrapped in corn husk. I wasn't able to try it but I was able to try the potato carbonara which is a good compliment to all the dishes that were served because it contrasted the taste of everything - and also the cheese and bacon bits were good.

Next stop was Oasis Garden Cafe.

Sky Garden cafe is located at the Sky Tower atrium which is just beside Waterside. If you first look at it you may think that the design would remind you of a bird's nest which is really the concept for this restaurant. The key feature of this restaurant is the transparent roof which is really relaxing.

We were able to try some of their tea and desserts as a treat. 

Here are the treats that we tried!

Butter scotch macaron cake.
    Layers of almond caramel filled with caramel and butterscotch parfait, roasted almonds

The butter scotch macaron cake is a cake definitely perfect to be paired with a neutral tasting tea or black coffee because of the sweetness of the caramel and butter scotch parfait. I like this but don't really a big fan of butter scatch.
Blondies with roasted mango and avocado
    Glazed Blondies, avocado panacotta, roasted fresh mango

This particular dessert got me really curious because its light yet sweet which is perfect for an earl grey tea. The panacotta was amazing because its really light and perfect for the afternoon.

    Strawberry chiffon cake
    Red velvet cake, vanilla mascaporne filling, fresh strawberries

This one is my ultimate favorite for sure. I love strawberries and the color is really cute! and also the strawberries that were used are fresh and just right for this dessert.

As for the teas that were served to us we had 2 different teas that were served to us which were the passion fruit green tea which is really fragrant and uplifting. This kind of tea would be perfect if you want to chill after doing lots of work because the smell of the tea really calms you down.

The other tea that was served was earl grey tea. Earl Grey tea is somewhat a tea that I would prefer having in the morning than the afternoon because it smells great and tastes great that its best to drink when you want something to start your day.

Next is Red Lantern.

Red Lantern mainly focuses on Chinese cuisine. I am not really aware if they only highlight a specific Chinese region but I feel that it caters to those in the southern region which is has more of the savory sweet dishes. And from the interior it reminds me of a family friend's restaurant who is from Canton, China.

One of the staples of Chinese restaurants is they serve you hot tea before or after a meal. I don't remember what is the name of this tea but the taste is very clean to the palette as most Chinese restaurants serve that kind of tea to enhance the palette before and after you eat making your dining experience better.

After the delicious tea we were presented with Red Lantern's Anniversary treat which is Wuxi Braised ribs.

Wuxi style braised ribs is actually a well known dish in China and its style of being cooked. What I like about this is that the meat is really tender and the sauce that its been cooked on is just right and doesn't over whelm the palette. Its best if you add this with a cup of rice because the sauce is just great to add on to the rice.

From China we move on to to Japan! Our next stop was Yakumi which is actually one of the first restaurants you will see at Solaire because it is adjacent to the casino area so if you are feeling fancy and want some sushi after a game of blackjack you can head over here for sure.

Yakumi's Anniversary offering is the Ehou Maki.

Ehou Maki or Fortune Sushi Roll is typically served at the start of the year in Japan an eaten a a whole roll because Japanese believed that if you cut the ehou maki you will basically cut short your good luck for that year.

Also the difference of ehou maki to the regular maki roll is it contains seven ingredients because seven is a lucky number in Japan.

Besides from the Ehou Maki we were also offered to try the authentic wasabi that they serve. Yakumi's wasabi is an authentic one because it is really the root crop that is shipped in their restaurant twice a week. Take note that the authentic wasabi costs about 2,000php for a small piece and also the grater they use to grate the wasabi is made from shark skin. Really creepy if you touch it for the first time haha!

And at last we have arrived to the final restaurant of the tour.

If you are feeling fancier and you want to have some steak then have some at Strip Steakhouse.

Their interior has a more intercontinental look with a little touch of romance. One thing I adore is their wine display unfortunately I wasn't able to take a picture of it because my camera died at that point of the tour.

Prior to tasting Strip's offering for their Anniversary, their Head chef showed us how they made it and the process was really long and you would see how the meat changed from a simple slab of meat to pure decadence.

And Strip's Anniversary offering is Pastrami-Spiced Black Angus Beef Short Ribs which is available for a limited time only.

The meat is really tender and one bite would make you question it because its so soft due to how long it has been marinated. But it is cooked well that you will be able to finish it. Its also accompanied with some mashed potatoes that were really creamy which neutralizes the sweet taste of the marinated meat. 

Overall I think Solaire's resort and casino's offering for their anniversary are all great. Although most are only available for a limited time make sure to head over to Solaire resort to try them all!

I will leave you now with a picture of me and Kamila of doing a wacky pose.

Much Love!

xx Alice


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