Friday, December 12, 2014

Authentic Italian Cuisine MINUS the MSG at Fratini's

Hey guys! 

I know you guys know how I love Korean food right? But before I came to know Korea food I can say that I have been obsessed in Italian cuisine. 

I have relatives that live in Naples and when they visited us here in Manila for the holidays, I remember my aunt taught me one simple Italian dish that up to this day I won't get tired of eating - Spaghetti. 

Unlike the Filipino style Spaghetti, the Italian kind that my aunt taught me was very simple and didn't used that much additional seasoning like Mono Sodium Glutamate or MSG simply because Italians don't use that in their dishes!

Missing the way Italians like their food without MSG is kind of hard to find here in Manila, but thankfully I was able to check out Fratini's in SM Jazz in Makati recently. 

Fratini's is actually a restaurant that serves no MSG in their meals and have their ingredients as fresh as possible which is great if you are into very healthy food minus the stigma of not having a great taste to it. 

Their interior is very minimalist with a bit of Italian flair with its little touches like the wall art that as if you are dining at a cafe beside the canals of Venice. 

One of things I actually like to see more on the restaurants is if they have an open kitchen. Usually when a restaurant has an open kitchen it gives the customers a glimpse of how the staff carefully prepare their meal and also make our senses tingle with excitement. 


And also they have a blackboard menu in which you can just see a handful of things in their menu because usually Italian dishes are very simple in nature but packs a lot of flavor to it. 

I was able to try some of their best sellers and even tried my luck in making my own pizza. 



I thought making pizza from scratch was easy but it was harder than I thought. We were dared to make our own 21 ince pizza. Its easier said than done to be honest. After making those pizza I think the second thing I want to do is just sit down and not move haha! but its fun to be honest and really nice too because you learn a lot from making your own pizza! 

Here are our creations! 



You can do the same especially with the kids this Christmas season! For just 225 PHP, kids and kids at heart alike can make their own pizza topped with 3 of your favorite pizza ingredients!

I was really amazed when they also shared that they can adjust the food for the customer if they are particularly allergic to one ingredient in their dishes thus making their dining experience a great one for sure.

But of course lets go through the food that I tried here at Fratini's ]

(L-R: Insalata All'Ortolana, Sicilian Salad, 
Linguine Al Fruitti De Mare, Braised Lamb Shank, 
Mixed Grilled Meat, Seafood Special)



 And of course let's go through the dessert platter 

(L-R Tiramisu Tradizionale, 
Pana Cotta De Frigole, 
Classico Del Pudding Di Choco)

Fratini's is really perfect not just for the health conscious but also for families who want to experience a different dining experience in making their own pizza! 

I would really recommend this to you guys to try out for sure! 

Have you been to Fratini's? Tell me your experience on the comment section below! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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