Friday, December 12, 2014

Drunk Food Diaries: Jollibee's pancake sandwich

This blog is all about food. 

And with that I will be making a series dedicated to food and drinks that most people take when they are drunk thus with the name drunk food diaries. 

I won't deny that I like to go drinking. Its a social gathering with friends to catch up and also to just chill but after drinking too much most of the time what happens is either me and friends get wasted and sleep in the car or get hungry before heading off to bed. 

My male friends usually drag me along to eat first before heading home because they feel that eating after a round or maybe 10 rounds of beer would lessen the hang over the next day. It does happen sometime but I won't recommend it. 

For the first installment of this series I would present to you Jollibee's pancake sandwich. 

It has 2 pancakes, egg, cheese and bacon. Its like a breakfast meal in a sandwich form. 

There isn't really anything special to this rather than they replaced the bun with pancakes which brings a bit of sweetness to it but it doesn't overwhelm the taste buds. 

Even if you are not drunk this is a good breakfast meal if you are on the go. You can have this ala carte for about 60php. Not bad as well for the wallet if you have wasted it in beer haha! 

Over all, this is a great meal to eat when you are drunk or not. Try it out for yourself! this is available only on their breakfast time which starts about 1am to 11am if you are heading to a 24hr Jollibee. 

And also just to remind you guys its great to drink with friends, 

but drink in moderation always ok? 

Much Love! 



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